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Authenticity, Freedom, and 3 Other ENFP Values

For ENFPs to become decisive and clear we need to develop our introverted feeling and a values system. But what values should an ENFP follow? Well, that's up to the ENFP isn't it? But here are some values that have shaped my own life.

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ENFP Personality type

ENFP personality type and social anxiety

ENFPs and Social Anxiety

ENFPs and Social Anxiety Feeling some kind of social anxiety, nervousness, or shyness is not rare for ENFP type, and


ENFP Entrepreneurs

This holds ENFPs and INFPs back without text min

What Holds ENFPs and INFPs Back

If you’re an ENFP or INFP and something doesn’t go your way, well…things might just go downhill from there. Don’t worry, I got you! 

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