3 ENFP Personality Stereotypes DEBUNKED

3 ENFP Personality Stereotypes DEBUNKED

Three ENFP personality type stereotypes – DEBUNKED

When we’re talking about ENFP personality traits, it’s very easy to get misled by some terrible stereotypes out there about the ENFP personality type, which are going to lead you down a very long and fruitless road. So in this video, we’re going to look at three stereotypes about the ENFP personality that are complete and utter BS.

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ENFPs (Campaigner type) have problems focusing

Number one, we can’t focus, ENFPs are bouncing all over the map, and they have zero attention span.

Really? Let me ask you something. If you’re out with a group of friends, and you’re having a really engaging conversation, or perhaps you’re out on a date with a very appealing member of the opposite, or same sex or whoever it is that you like to do naked things with, do you have trouble focusing?

Do you walk out in the middle of a conversation all the time? Probably not. I can tell you this – back in my heyday of playing Starcraft, I could play a good eight hours in a row, occasionally breaking for the bathroom or some pizza, there’s no lack of focus there.

Problem with focus is that we tend to be more intelligent, we tend to be creative, and we tend to be interested in ideas. And starting with elementary school, we are often force fed a structure and curriculum that is really not designed for us, after being force fed this whole thing, we’re then told that we can’t pay attention, that there’s something wrong with us. And we have to learn to focus because we have so much more potential.

ENFPs have no trouble focusing when we find something we’re interested in and we are on track to do something that really matters for us. This is one of the reasons that my channel and my work is so focused on life design and creating the right life for you that will keep you engaged and focused.

Can ENFP stick to one relationship or career?

Number two, that ENFP can’t stick to one relationship or one career, that there’s just no way to stay the course with something this again is well, okay, sometimes this is true, I will admit, having worked with hundreds of ENFP. And being one myself, our resume is usually many pages if we’re honest. And that applies to our dating resume as well.

But, but that does not mean we cannot stay to one thing. Yes, we do get bored easily because we tend to be quite intelligent, we tend to learn things quickly. We do enjoy novelty.

So most things are not going to keep us entertained or occupied or engaged. Yes, we’re probably not going to be able to work at Costco or parking cars (two jobs I did while I was in school) for the rest of our lives. But when we find that person that is absolutely awesome for us, and ticks all the boxes, we’ll be able to stay with them when we find that career or business and I do think many ENFP should consider being entrepreneurs, because it’s always engaging, and there’s always room to learn and room to grow.

When we figure that out, we can stick to it. Now that doesn’t mean we’re going to stick with the exact same business for our whole life or the exact same job. We’re going to want to be moving around or improving what we’re doing or growing because we’d like to grow and improve. Is that a bad thing? To want to be someone who’s just the exact same all the time, it was like, nope, 28 years old, I’ve peaked. If anything, I just want to go downhill from now.

Cut the hours back, kept the income, personal growth stuff, forget all that. I’m good to go. Of course, that’s not who we want to be. So yeah, we do like to change things when we’re not having our needs met. But when we find the right way to meet those needs, we have no problem sticking with something.

ENFP type can’t be financially successful?!

The third ENFP stereotype that is bs is that we’re not capable of being financially successful. I see this in the comme nts.

Sometimes people talk about being broke, you know, “like this if you’re an ENFP, and you’re broke too”, and stuff like that and it ain’t a good stereotype to have in your mind and it’s not exactly true. No, I will be honest about this as well.

If you were to do a survey of personality type an income, we would not be at the highest and part of this is based on our economy right now.

Our economy favors STEM jobs, science, technology, engineering, and math. And especially things like computer engineering are some of the best paid jobs as are things like lawyers, accountants, doctors, on average can be really high paying jobs.

So a personality type that is really geared to be a computer programmer, probably on average, that type is going to be earning more money than ENFP, which is makes sense, right? Because they’re going into a safe and in demand career in mass.

So yeah, we’re probably not the highest earning type. But a lot of the things we’re really good at are in demand and can pay very well and have become more and more in demand in the 21st century and will continue to do so things like coaching, design, copywriting…

These are not going away and become very valuable any human to human basically people skills have become extremely valuable and will continue to do so. So if you are at the top of your game as an ENFP, there are plenty of ways that you can make a lot of money.

Okay, we do need to learn how to budget, I will admit that I’m still haven’t really figured it out. But that does not mean we cannot do well, it is possible for ENFP to do well financially, don’t get it in your head that because you’re an ENFP, you will not be able to do well.

That is something that will be a festering virus in the back of your mind, you can do very well.

But you do have to think about what the skills are that you can develop that will make you extremely valuable. And then bring those to some kind of organization or start your own company and apply that. When you do that, You can really unleash your full ENFP potential financially and do just fine.

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