CHANGE Your Surroundings! Creating An EMPOWERING Environment

by Dan Johnston

Empowering Environment

You’ve figured out what triggers your escapism and how you can break away from addictions… But do you know how you can maintain living a positive life? Read on and learn how creating an empowering environment can help keep you on the right track.

Are You An ADDICT? Smartphones, Social Media, CRACK?!

by Dan Johnston

Dealing With Addictions

Has your ESCAPISM led you down a path to ADDICTION? Do you find yourself walking the streets begging for money so you can add more data to your phone plan? Let’s get you into treatment!


by Dan Johnston

Mar 6 - INFPs ENFPs Escapism and Avoidance 1920px

Caring too much causes INFPs and ENFPs to AVOID tough situations and ESCAPE things that put us in a difficult position. Here’s a BETTER solution to break the pattern of personal avoidance and escapism.

How Do You Start, Run and Achieve a Successful Life?

by Dan Johnston

Jan 24 How Do You Start, Run and Achieve a Successful Life 1920px

How do you start, run and achieve a successful life? The scope of this question is so big but in this post, I’ve come up with some good advice on how to approach life with satisfaction.

What REALLY Motivates an ENFP To Achieve Their Goals?

by Dan Johnston

setting goals and motivation as enfp

If you’re an ENFP and you follow the traditional goal setting advice you’re likely to fall flat on your face and fail. So how can ENFPs succeed in setting goals and keeping themselves motivated?