ENFP Superpowers – Two Strengths You Never Knew You Had

ENFP (Campaigner) Personality type traits / superpowers – Two Strengths You Never Knew You Had

For most people, these two things are considered extremely valuable, but you might be taking them for granted… because you’ve always had them!

In this post you’re going to learn two superpowers that you have as an ENFP but you might not have even realized either that you have or that they’re superpowers.

These two things can have a huge impact on the lives of others and for most people are considered extremely valuable, but you might be taking them for granted because you’ve always had these.

ENFP type Superpower #1: Fast Learner

If you’re new here, you may not know – I am an ENFP as well and I work with a lot of ENFPs as a coach for both personal life and business life. And one thing that I hear a lot is about being a jack of all trades, about the negative side to not being able to maybe focus on one thing, or just do the same thing over and over.

In our world today, there’s a lot of talk about mastery – becoming really, really good at one thing. And yes, there are a lot of benefits to focusing in and getting really good at one thing.

But what the ENFP often does very well is learning a lot of things and learning things very quickly.

We tend to be people who can learn very fast, we pick things up. You drop us in a disaster zone, we will figure out the problems and we will make things happen. Literally, I knew an ENFP and this was their job. They work for a big non-government organization and they were flown into disaster zones to make stuff happen and figure out what’s going on and set everything up.

So we are very good at getting our bearings quickly, learning things quickly, and figuring out what needs to be done.

And yes, being a Jack or Jill of all trades where we know bits and pieces of everything – sure, sometimes this isn’t a good thing where we don’t have the same ability necessarily to focus and become exceptionally good at one thing.

But on the other hand, it gives us the ability to be really flexible.

I know for myself, when it comes to hiring people, someone who is quick at picking things up, who can learn quickly, who I don’t have to explain things in every little bit of detail is really, really valuable.

As an ENFP you have this ability to handle lots of different projects and that makes you really valuable. Things like event management or entrepreneurship, whether you yourself are starting a business, or you’re working closely with an entrepreneur and in tons of other fields – that ability to do lots of things and basically have a goal and learn or know the little pieces along the way to get to that goal is extremely valuable.

ENFP Superpower #2: Room Reader & Mediator

The second ENFP superpower is an ability to essentially read a room.

As an ENFP, you might not realize you do this, but when you go into a room, you get a sense of the energy.

You’re the first person – yes, the first person, who senses a shift in mood, who can tell when someone’s a bit off, or that person’s offended, or this person is uncomfortable.

And to us, it seems totally natural.

We think that’s just how everyone is.

It’s not.

This is why you get those conversations when you’re talking to someone and they’re talking and they’re standing too close to you.

And they’re telling you some boring story.

And it’s so obvious that you’re awkward and trying to get away from them.

And they don’t get it, right?

That is a lot of people. They don’t have that same level of intuition.

So for anything like facilitating coaching and teaching – of course, it’s natural that you’re going to be able to use that power and get really good results.

But beyond that, just in general, being able to work with people, communicate with people, well…be liked by people is a superpower.

You might find yourself working for or partnering with or hiring someone who’s more like a TJ type.

And they’re very good at structures, they’re very good at making things happen and having everything organized, but they often don’t get along with people too well, or they find they have staffing problems because they’re a little too assertive.

Or they’re a little too aggressive or direct.

And you’d be able to come in as the ENFP and soften things up a little bit.

Be able to see both sides of a conversation.

Perhaps you’ve had this experience as well. I know I have way too many times, where you’re sitting out for dinner, or maybe just at a cafe with a couple of friends and they’re having a conversation where they’re having two different conversations.

Person A and Person B do not understand each other.

And because of that they’re running into disagreements, they’re arguing, they just can’t get their points across. And you’re sitting there as an ENFP, seeing both sides:

“Oh, wait, wait, hold up, guys, here’s what you’re trying to say, here’s what you’re trying to say! Here are the translations!”

And then you can put them together and get them on the same page.

So that ability to understand people, whether it’s emotionally or whether it is in terms of actually their message is a really powerful skill. It’s something that you should not underestimate the value of as an ENFP.

The key, of course, with both these superpowers is finding the best ways to put these into use in your life.

Finding the best ways to use these rather than just trying to do the same job as someone else, trying to throw yourself into a position that isn’t right for you and then hoping you can somehow apply these or make it work.

Let me know in the comments:

Which one of these two ENFP superpowers do you notice in your life most and how does it manifest?

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