Game Changing Advice for ENFPs

Game-Changing Advice for Uninspired ENFP

“ENFPs don’t get excited about looking to the past.”
Dan Johnston

Today I want to share a game changing piece of advice for my fellow ENFPs.

Uninspired ENFP or having no motivation?

If you’re trying to make a big positive change in your life, if you’re trying to move forward towards something, but you keep finding yourself getting stuck or you’re not really satisfied with your momentum, then pay attention, you’re going to learn something new today.

So as ENFPs, we have a bit of a problem sometimes when we get a little overwhelmed, when we are trying to take on a lot, or we’re trying to make a change in our lives, we get overwhelmed. We feel that the way to deal with that often is to clean up the past. It’s like, “I’m struggling, I’m feeling a bit stuck, so why don’t I go backwards and deal with the clutter, maybe with the paperwork, maybe with clearing up some things with a therapist or something like that.”

Looking back and feeling like that until we deal with the past and get things really organized and really well set up that we’re not going to be able to move to the future that we want – there’s some truth to that.

The aspect of having a great foundation, of not having too many loose ends, bad relationships that kind of bringing you down, or all these things on your mind like catching up with accounting, paperwork, cleaning stuff up – I’ll link to a video on that here and here.

What really motivates an ENFP (Thriving ENFP)

When do ENFPs thrive – when we’re looking to the future, when we’re creating… What do we love – possibilities and new things.

ENFPs don’t get excited about looking to the past, about dealing with some paperwork, about clearing things up. Yes, there are people who actually do get really excited by that. But it’s not us.

What you’re doing when you look to the past is you’re using some of the weakest parts of your personality and you’re putting all your energy into that which is going to leave you feeling really drained and you’re not going to accomplish very much.

But when you look to the future, when you create an inspiring vision, when you think about what it is you really want to be doing, and the change you can make and the future possibilities, that’s when you get excited.

So what I would most recommend, by far, if you’re feeling like you aren’t where you want to be, and you want to make a change, always remember that your concern with the past is temporarily. Forget the past focus on the future that you want to create.

That will energize you that will put you in the strongest part of your personality you will be fired up, energized and work in that world.

At the end of the day, cleaning up some paperwork, talking to a therapist, organizing your apartment – that will all be easy because you will be so inspired and fired up by what you’re working on most of the time that doing a little paperwork will not be any big deal.

This is something that I tend to do – focus on using that superpower of yours.

Check my ENFP Morning routine article and video if you need some additional tips on how to organize your day and what works best with us ENFPs.

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3 thoughts on “Game Changing Advice for ENFPs”

  1. Veronika Clementine

    Thank you very much for your article, I needed to hear this, read this, see this. I am truly thankful. I have been recovering from an activist burnout for about a year now and lately many wounds are being reopened inside me again. And thanks to your article I have realized that I am really focusing more on my past than my future. I will try to change my perspective now, thank you one more time.

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