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I’m the Author of 11 books, a YouTuber and Podcaster. I’m also a business and life coach most excited about working with ENFPs and INFPs. My mission is to help you become the best version of yourself while creating an awesome life for you and those you love. Topics I love to cover include personality psychology, life design, and building enjoyable location independent businesses.

Doing our best to make a positive impact on the world...one person at a time.

Confidence Coach-Kelly Parker
Kelly The Free Freelancer

"Having the support of the group of The Free Freelancer and Dan has given me the confidence and courage to just carry on and I'm now at the position where I'm really excited about the future. I think that for the first time I have a clear goal, I know where I'm going and I finally feel like I'm on the right path!"

I subscribed to your channel because I felt a sense of worth in me. Your videos inspire me to be the better version of myself because I know I don’t view myself as a 'worthy' person. I felt like someone had finally understood me and understood how I felt. I felt like an outsider and I still do sometimes but for once I felt like I wasn’t alone.


I don't have any questions, you answered a lot of them in your videos. As an ENFP I watched almost all of them and was discovering that's this is how I am completely or partially reacting. After today's video about job interviews I decided I need to send you big thank you for your impact. I have implemented some of your self discipline techniques and tricks and I am getting better in doing my own things and not other's ideas. You are doing amazing job and I am happy to discover more and more! Thanks!

karolina datw

Dan's kind of experience with not starting out as a professional in what he was freelancing in with ten years of experience in some kind of corporate job - that's what I needed. I needed guidance how to actually start being a freelancer when you don't already have a million years of experience and tons of credentials and all of these clients lined up to work with you.


You may have saved my life and my sanity, Dan the man! This powerful post is Pure Gold to me. The stress left my body/shoulders just watching and then re-watching this. Frustration leads to depression and this completely changed my spirits with battle tactics I can actually use and apply. I'm all misty eyed just typing this and just want to Thank You from every chamber of my heart, Brother.

Dan Schwartz

"I can honestly say that the Life Design Approach program improved my overall happiness, life quality and professional activity in an incomparable way. It’s been transformative. If I had to describe it in 3 words I would choose: Extreme relevance and efficiency. Thanks to this program I was finally able to find a job that I feel excited to go to every morning, and as a result do well while having fun. This is coming from someone who has literally no patience for things I don’t like to do: I switched jobs 6 times in less than a year and was starting to feel desperate. The Life Design Approach showed me that I don’t have to settle: it was the perfect framework to know myself better, get clarity through responding to precise questions and it brought me the tools to have the right mindset to take action. I’ve been enjoying my professional and personal life, and I’m in a period of gaining skills and expertise so I can start my own thing soon. I’m getting so much positive feedback at different levels, including work and it’s making me value my competencies and self-image."

Clients Love


BIG thank you for your video series! As an ENFP sometimes it's so easy to be misunderstood by society... and even narrow-minded therapists. Your videos are helping me out in a stressful moment, and making me feel less of a social-causer-queer-dreamer-alien. Really great to have found your channel. Greetings from São Paulo!

Fabiana Caso São Paulo

My name is Hiba, I am an Arabic girl from north Africa (Tunisia )I can't thank you enough for your life tips it's so generous of you helping people all around the world in such a nice way for free. Every time I feel lost your emails come cross and enlight my mind and heart. Keep doing what you're doing now because you re surely making a difference in the world !!

Hiba Tunisia

Hey Dan, I just saw some of your videos. They are very good and it is nice to see that we are so many nice ENFP-s in this weird world;) Great job! Thank you very much.

Dominika Dabrowska Poland

Hi Dan, I'm Nira. I'm 22 and I live in Iran. If somebody asks me to name 5 precious things that i proud of and have changed my life You and your amazing channel would be one of them. I can't find any word to thank you You're the best; and when I say it, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Why did I subscrib?why wouldn't I?! From the time that I've got familiar with your videos on Youtube everything has changed in my life. Now I now why I act in certain ways, I make my decitions based on my strength and the weaknesses that used to be a problem now have turned into some facinating features that makes me who I am.

Nira Iran

Buddy, hearing this phycological stuff (which I am obsessed with, btw) from a fellow ENFP has been utterly eye-opening for me. You have clarified years of struggle for me.

Jaeson Tanner

Enjoyed your video Dan. The world needs more people like you. I like the way how you make entrepreneurship sound simple. Best wishes from James Jonathan.

James Jonathan

I love your videos, but that's probably because I'm an INTJ. I wanted to drop by and say thank you for your channel. As an INTJ, I'm very personal but always had a dream to start my own YouTube channel. Thanks to models like you, I've found the confidence to publish my first video; touching on life as an INTJ and the MBTI in general. Thank you!

Rob Bailey

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Verity Oliver

I think you just helped me save my life. Only just discovered MBTI, I'm 43 years young, manuals for humans do exist! Soooo many connections running through my memories, I can now see why things didn't always work out. (I edited this sentence about 5 times to make it sound more positive - THANK YOU) Be the person you want to be - breathe When I think of people who might be my least favourite MBTI type, and because it is the opposite of me (positive again, subconsciously - THANK YOU AND ME) I KNOW I AM GOING TO SQUASH IT Becoming a person I abhor is NOT an option SIMPLE. Quickly going to Google famous ISTJs investigation is a great quality, I will then check out your superpowers video to reinforce this one and then get shit done, being the person I want to be. Maybe my therapist should know about you. You are the medication we can't get in a pill. Awesome human, total superhero. (My ENFP-A amazing, sunny 18 year old son Alex is Spiderman and I go for the strength, love and truth of Wonder Woman, maaan I would have wanted a lasso of truth before I saw this video!! OMG it's building, I don't even feel like apologising for typing an essay, a little bit but I squashed the idea to apologise for showing positivity growing right now. This isn't procrastination. Thank you

Yasmine Morchadi

Hi Dan, I hope you had a good week, I wanted to reach out to say thank you. Your videos are helping me improve in so many areas of my life. My relationships are way better, my understanding of myself too. Workwise I know now what gives me energy, I know my needs and how to proactively try to meet them to avoid self sabotage. You also helped me change some extremely destructive behaviors over the last few months. The concept of "shadow personality" you introduced once also shed light on reality. I always share your knowledge with my friends, especially the ENFPs (like me). I just wanted to let you know you are providing exceptionnal quality of content and you are succeeding on REALLY changing lives... it's inspiring. Again, thank you and I wish you a great weekend.

Ysel Medina

I’m a new subscriber, I LOVE YOUR CONTENT! I’m also an ENFP just recently found out. And learning all of this right now is extremely fascinating and I’m so inspired by you right now lol.. finally someone that understands me for me!! These tips are so helpful & valuable you have no idea how grateful I am to have found your channel!

Joey Ortega

Hi Dan, huge fan of your channel. Discovered you about a week ago and have been binge watching most of your videos. I'm an ENFP and you're providing a lot of helpful insight to the way I think that I've never considered before. I've definitely grown thanks to you. Greatly appreciated!

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