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“The go-to manual for ENFPs!”

“I read this in 3 days and could not put it down!!”

"I ended up buying a few copies because it’s that good! (I also know a lot of ENFPs so it’s a good gift)."

"This book helped me understand myself on a deep level that not even therapy was able to do.”

“I have read many, many self-help and personal development books over the years…I have never encountered anything that felt so personally actionable, validating and relatable as this book.”



(This book was quite literally written for YOU)



(Goosebumps and euphoria will precede even bigger dreaming)



(This book will change your life)

270 pages of delicious ENFP Goodness 

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Available in Audiobook, Paperback and Digital Worldwide. 

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"According to Abraham Maslow, whenever we pursue something greater than ourselves, or even attempt to improve ourselves and "move up" in our own lives, we will feel a high level of apprehension, tension, and resistance. This is normal and trusting yourself to move past it is one of the greatest growth experiences you can have.

Cowering to external pressure, while undesirable, relieves this tension. Like a baby coddled by mother you feel a welcomed wave of relief.

The only problem is you've just set yourself up to be a 40 year old who still shits in his own pants.

Or her pants. As a feminist I firmly believe women are just as, if not more, capable of running from their dreams as men are."

The ENFP Calling

Page 262

A Bit About The Author

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My name's Dan and I'm arguably the world's #1 ENFP Expert. As a coach and trainer I've met 100s of ENFPs in person from dozens of countries as well as interacted with and coached 1000s of ENFPs online. This has allowed me to understand ENFPs far beyond theory and see more patterns, desires, and struggles than anyone else.

I'm also an avid traveler. I think living in a new culture is the best way to understand ourselves and the world as a whole. I left Canada in 2012 and have since called 9 countries home including Costa Rica, Portugal, Italy, Germany and The Czech Republic.

Most importantly, according to my clients, despite the fancy bio, I'm as authentic, down to earth, 
and personal as one can be and a pretty hilarious guy to boot!

You can read more about me on my about page.

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Recent Reviews

"As an ENFP, advice that works for us is hard to come by. While reading this book I felt as though Dan KNEW me, and had tailored the information for me personally! It is a quick, funny and engaging read, but still packs in a lot of wisdom, insight and ideas that are often absent in the personal development genre."
"Dan's book is a game-changer for ENFPs, packed with valuable insights and actionable advices."

-Zakary Review on Amazon.FR

"ENFP Calling" feels like a personal journey into the heart of my ENFP personality. Dan‘s insights serve as a constant source of inspiration, guiding me through challenges and celebrating my strengths. This book is more than reading material; it's a cherished companion on my path to self-discovery, akin to using it like a bible for reassurance and guidance."
"I have been following Dan on and off for a couple of years. I'm and ENFP and I have greatly benefited from his insights. Indeed I even have bought one of his courses. I downloaded this book just before a long haul flight and I worked my way through it. While intellectually, I knew much but there was also new material. Reading this book drives home the message to a deeper level. As ENFPs we are unique. We don't fit squarely into the system around which the world is built we need to play the game differently. We know there is a kernel of greatness within us but we struggle to bring forth our light into the world. Dan reminds us that we are created in a special way with a very important purpose.

I think this is the cornerstone quote of the book around which everything else hangs:

[Our calling is] "To bring light to darkness and illuminate possibilities others have missed. To turn frowns into smiles, doubts into dreams, reasons to quit into reasons to continue. [Our] calling is to be the person that brings life to a room, the person that is missed when [they] leave and whose presence and impact will never be forgotten".

Dan then in his book clearly tells us how to live this out. I've known it for years but i need to be reminded that I ain't broken - I'm not a zombie and I should stop trying to be. There is a better way to live. If you are an ENFP this is for you."

"The thing people think impostor syndrome is, when you're starting something new and feeling unsure whether you are good enough to succeed is called...BEING A HUMAN.

Sociopaths aside, everyone feels this on some level. You're supposed to. Listen, just because you decide you want to go hunt a lion doesn't mean you should trot off into the savanna with nothing but a spear and some positive thinking CDs. Despite what all the people selling insanely expensive programs selling insanely appealing dreams promise, in any competitive market only a certain amount of people succeed and it takes work and growth to do so.

That feeling, the one saying "maybe I'm not good enough", is another source of fuel to keep going forward and ensure you are good enough. You take one step at a time, each step improving your confidence, until one day you wake up and you realize "damn, I am good at this."

The ENFP Calling

Page 198

Available in Paperback and Digital Worldwide. 

You can see a comprehensive list of retailers here, or just search for The ENFP Calling wherever you buy books