Minimalist Business Tips From an ENFP

Minimalist Business Tips From an ENFP

“These mistakes cost people their dreams and the possibility of doing the thing they really love.”

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did

As an ENFP, well, I tend to spend money when I shouldn’t!

Learn from my mistakes and follow this minimalist business advice so you can spend more time pursuing your dreams and growing your business instead of worrying about money.

If you’re an aspiring freelancer, coach or consultant, the video above is for you because I don’t want you to make the same kind of mistakes I see over and over again.

Here’s how NOT to waste your money when you are starting a new business.

I’ve been working with freelancers, coaches and consultants for about 6 years now, both as a one-on-one coach and leader in The Free Freelancer coaching and training program.

The kinds of mistakes I notice often cost – and literally cost – people their dreams and the possibility of doing the thing they love.

In this video I’m offering some helpful advice on what NOT to spend your money on when starting your freelance business.


00:53 – Expensive Branding
03:13 – Complicated Website
06:17 – Ridiculously Expensive Training
10:21 – Large Repeating Expenses You’re Obligated To

If you’re an ENFP pursuing your dreams, getting good with your finances and spending less is essential!

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