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July 2019 How to become your best self without

Where I Put My Faith and How To Keep Going

Sometimes it feels like your brain goes to mush. Other times it feels like you’ve become a hyperactive news addicted hamster…How to keep going in times of absolute chaos?

March 2019 Avoid These Careers Disappearing To AI and Automation without text min

Careers To Avoid in 2020

Think twice racking up serious debt at college or sinking your savings into your business…these career and businesses I discuss are on their way out.

March 2019 Can INFPs have casual flings without text min

INFPs & Casual Relationships

I’m answering a question from an INFP about dating and casual flings…and I reveal a deep web of limiting beliefs and rules keeping this INFP from finding true love.

March 2019 3 dissapointing careers for ENFPs without text min

3 Painfully Disappointing Career Choices For ENFPs

I’ve spoken to 100s of ENFPs and I keep hearing these 3 careers come up…careers that sound good “in theory” but in practice can be painfully disappointing career choices for ENFPs.

Feb 2019 3 unexpectedly perfect careers for ENFPs without text 1 min

3 Unexpectedly Perfect Careers For ENFPs

You might be surprised that these career and business options are actually great fits for an ENFP if, and only if, found in the right environment.