You Don't Have To Do It Alone

Since 2013 I have helped 100s of clients ranging from CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Commodity Traders to Aspiring Business Owners, Single Parents, and yes, even a famous Magician. 

Whatever their profession, my clients tend to think a bit differently and value purpose, freedom, relationships and lifestyle as much as income. 

You're not like most people

Trust me, I GET IT! In my early 20s I began to realize I wasn't wired like everyone else. I didn't think like them nor did I want the same things they did. I am an ENFP.

Not only did I value and want different things than most people, I discovered my mind worked very differently. I needed to take a different approach if I wanted to be successful.

I only learnt this after banging my head against the wall many times following advice from Authors and Coaches who most certainly were ENTJs, ESTJs, and other types who are wired totally differently than I am.

I'm excited to be your coach because it gives me an opportunity to save you years, perhaps even decades, in your journey. It allows me to pass on knowledge and insights I've gained during my own experiences and from working with 100s of ENFP coaching clients from dozens of countries and cultures.

"Dan has helped me create an awesome life that I'm thrilled to live, and I'm more confident, productive and happy than ever. I can't recommend him enough - if you're thinking about working with them, do it!!"

-Andrew Fletcher, Entrepreneur, Writer and Musician

We Should Work Together If...

I'm not for everyone. Really. I am excited to work with clients who want to make real changes and put in the time to create the life they want. I am not interested in working with people who just want to phone it in or want help making the wrong path a little more bearable. My purpose is to help you find, start, and stay on, your right path. I won't compromise. 

You Want Your Life To Matter

You want to be financially successful while also making a positive impact and being someone who is admired, and remembered, for their contributions. 

You Want To Build Something Unique

I do not help create cookie cutter businesses. I only work with people who want to create something special based on their strengths, talents, and personality. 

You're Ambitious, Committed, and Driven

I am only able to work with 1 or 2 new clients each month and want our work together to have a meaningful impact.

You're Impatient

Some people say impatience is a bad thing. I say, life is short, let's make it happen. My expertise and experience means we can move much quicker together. 

How We Can Work Together

I take a custom approach to your support based on your needs and desired outcome. Please share your answers below. Once my team and I have received your answers we'll be in touch to schedule a time to speak and see if it's a right fit. 

The form is mobile friendly, but it is easier to fill out on a computer. 

"I hired Dan as my coach after reading one of his books. He has helped me reduce my working hours, decrease my anxiety, and spend much more time with those who matter most.

At the same time, while I have personally been working less, the trading floor I run increased our profits by 8 figures this last year."

-Private Coaching Client, Dubai