MBTI 16 Personalities

Can You Be “Less of” an INFP?

Are you FAILING your MBTI Type?! An INFP sent in a question about this topic and I’d like to share my own story that relates to personality psychology (mis)understandings.

Productivity Tips for ENFPs and ENTPs

My friend Matt joins us to share his top tips for getting more done as an ENTP entrepreneur. This advice is also really helpful for us ENFPs since we have the same primary function as ENTPs.

ENFP and INTJ Relationships and Business Partnerships

Rebecca sent in a question about ENFP and INTJ partnerships, whether that be in the bedroom or in the boardroom. Is ENFP and INTJ an unlikely pairing or a really good partnership?

ENFPs & Idealists – My Awesome Career Advice

What we learn in school and our perspective of how our future career will look like might be completely different from what we experience later on our job.

The Right Career and Major For ENFJs

For an ENFJ, choosing the right major, job, or career is essential to sharing your gifts with the world! You can do SO MUCH, but you’ve got to be on the right path.

3 Awesome Things About ENFJs – From an ENFP Perspective

ENFJs are one of the four Idealist personality types (with ENFPs, INFPs, and INFJs). Learn 3 awesome things about ENFJs, whether you are an ENFJ yourself or have a friend or partner who is.

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