One Reason I Love Living in Prague

Recently a friend was visiting me in Prague and, as we walked the streets, he asked: “Why do you like living here so much?” Here’s what I told him…

ENFP and Travel- Can We Ever Stay in One Place?

An ENFP asks me if it is ever possible for us to settle down and stay in one place, or are ENFPs destined to always want change, to always want something new.

How Where You Live Affects Who You Are

I’ve lived in 7 countries and had experienced this each and every time I’ve moved and it blows my mind how little most people consider this.

How I Paid $200 a Month Rent Living In Vancouver BC

How to support yourself financially while going ALL in on your dream if you’re living paycheck to paycheck? I’ve lived in a few places around the world on less than $1000 a month, so I thought to share some tips on massively cutting down your expenses and having maximum lifestyle on moderate income.

Minimalist Business Tips From an ENFP

Learn from my mistakes and follow this minimalist business advice so you can spend more time pursuing your dreams and growing your business instead of worrying about money.

Two Paths To Freedom I See Successful ENFPs Follow

Whether we’re talking success in a career, in college, or working for yourself, there are two distinct paths I see successful ENFPs take to build the life of freedom we’re all after.

How To TRIPLE Your Savings and See The World

Becoming location independent is one of the best ways to live better on less. Imagine having a year to start your business with your current savings instead of just a few months?

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