Psychology Expert

(Understands you even better than your BFF)



(Will map out your dream life)


Your Biggest Cheerleader

(Believes in you even on those days you don't)

Add in a dash of wannabe standup comedian, over-sharer, and guy who says totally inappropriate things at social gathers...

Hi, I'm Dan.

100% me. 300% ENFP. 

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I'm Dan Johnston

If you don't know who I am, you're already half way to being a better ENFP because you aren't spending much time on YouTube or Instagram! Well done.

My name's Dan and I'm arguably the world's #1 ENFP Expert. As a coach and trainer, I've met 100s of ENFPs in person from dozens of countries as well as interacted with and coached 1000s of ENFPs online. This has allowed me to understand ENFPs far beyond theory and see more patterns, desires, and struggles than anyone else.

I'm the founder and host of Dreams Around The World, a popular YouTube Channel and Podcast tailored to ENFPs who want to develop their personalities and create an awesome life. Oh, and I created ENFP Unleashed, the premiere community for ambitious ENFPs.

I'm also an avid traveler. I think living in a new culture is the best way to understand ourselves and the world as a whole. I left Canada in 2012 and have since called 9 countries home including Costa Rica, Portugal, Italy, Germany and The Czech Republic.

Most importantly, according to my clients, despite the fancy bio, I'm as authentic, down to earth, 
and personal as one can be and a pretty hilarious guy to boot!

Fun facts about me & My Beliefs

Take it or leave it, I am who I am

ENFP? ADHD? More Please. 

Does being an ENFP cause some struggles? Yup. Does ADHD complicate life? Yup.

Has there ever been a moment when I wanted to be someone else? HELL NO. I'd be bored out of my fucking mind. 
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I Have Awesome Stories

I am as comfortable at a 5 star hotel as I am being the only white dude at a 400 person party on the outskirts of town in Rwanda. Naturally, this leads to some rather interesting situations. 

From drinking tequila while coaching a cartel boss to annoying The Rock at the gym, or meeting a real life James Bond in Spain: Every story I share in my books, videos, and e-mails is 100% true. (even when I wish they weren't)   

True Certainty Comes From Within

Building walls, and retirement accounts, to "guarantee safety" is a fool's strategy for battling anxiety.

We can only be truly certain when we are certain of ourselves to trust we can handle whatever comes our way. 

True But Very Embarassing 

I've traveled to around 50 countries, read 100s of eye opening and inspiring books, and been to some of the world's best parties yet...and I'm aware I'll be judged for this...Nothing brings me more pure joy than The Fast and Furious movies. Well, except a cold corona after a quarter mile.

I Don't Believe EVERY Test

I struggled in primary school so they "tested" me. My parents were told: "He's at a genius level for mathematics and logic but will always struggle with speaking, writing, and language." I shoed dem! Now me make books.

Tests and type psychology can advise and help us reflect, but should never limit us. 

Maybe Everything is Genetics

My Mom, a prolific traveler, and my Dad, an international businessman, were born 11,000km apart, met on a flight to New Zealand, and married 5 weeks later. Perhaps it is no coincidence I've lived in 10 countries, built multiple international businesses, and experienced more romance than a back to back showing of Love Actually & The Notebook.

And before you ask, no, sadly, I wasn't conceived in international air space.

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What My Clients Say

As an ENFP it isn't always easy to find a coach or adviser who understands you. Fortunately, you're not going to have that problem anymore. 

My Approach To "Work"

Who I am as a professional

A Decade+ Experience

I am not a YouTuber or Podcaster...I am a Coach. I have a degree in psychology from a top university and completed my first coaching training in 2008 and many more since. I have worked one-on-one with ENFPs from 30+ countries including every continent. 

Dan Johnston Coach and Author

I Don't Believe in Retirement

I believe you should love what you do so much you never want to stop working...but I also believe in taking a few months of vacations every year. 

Your Greatest Gift is...You

When an ENFP finally accepts who they are and owns it he or she can move mountains. This is, of course, easier said than done but is the key to finding sustained success in anything you do. This is a big focus of my work with clients. 

I Love Meeting My Clients

I've hosted events in Mexico, Spain, Canada, and Prague. People flew in from as far as New Zealand and Jamaica. This was both surreal and amazing.

An Author

I've published 12 books that have collectively sold around 50,000 copies. I'm most proud of The ENFP Calling where I really did "leave it all on the field". 

I Merge Worlds To Get Results

First Hand Experience - Because what works in a book isn't guaranteed to be worth the cost of paper in the real world.

Research - The greatest and latest research shows what often applies universally and can serve my clients. 

Timeless Wisdom - Because not everything can, or needs to be, proven by a double blind placebo study. 

"Do What You Love & The Money Will Come" 

-My Mom's Timeless Wisdom

"According to Abraham Maslow, whenever we pursue something greater than ourselves, or even attempt to improve ourselves and "move up" in our own lives, we will feel a high level of apprehension, tension, and resistance. This is normal and trusting yourself to move past it is one of the greatest growth experiences you can have.

Cowering to external pressure, while undesirable, relieves this tension. Like a baby coddled by mother you feel a welcomed wave of relief.

The only problem is you've just set yourself up to be a 40 year old who still shits in his own pants.

Or her pants. As a feminist I firmly believe women are just as, if not more, capable of running from their dreams as men are."

Me, The ENFP Calling

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Dan Johnston
I Got You

I am not courageous. I'm the last one up. I drag my feet to the edge of the rocks and peer over into the water. I'm scared and I know I need to jump.

Is there any better feeling than that mid-air metamorphosis? The flip from fear to freedom: What was moments before doubt and uncertainty transformed to focus and flow.

The leaps we take in life aren't always so clean but the experience is the same. I know to take that leap you need feel a level of safety...that someone else has jumped before and while it might be intense, you're going to be OK.

I've worked one-on-one with 100s of ENFPs from over 30 countries and cultures. I'm not always the most organized, nor am I perfect, but, as my assistant recently opened my eyes to in this voice note, it seems I care more than most and as your coach will always have your back.

And yes, the water is wonderful.