Two Paths To Freedom I See Successful ENFPs Follow

Two Paths To Freedom I See Successful ENFPs Follow

“Pick your route and then go all in with it!”

Which Path To Take?

Whether we’re talking success in a career, in college, or working for yourself, there are two distinct paths I see successful ENFPs take to build the life of freedom we’re all after…

PLUS a disastrous route no ENFP should ever take…

But many, MANY, do…

Keep this ENFP advice in mind when you’re choosing your major, choosing a career, or deciding on whether to work for yourself.

I’m an ENFP myself and have been working with ENFPs for many years now.

I see a successful ENFP as having their life together, doing what they say they’ll do and overall living a happy life.

There are two potential paths that I’ve noticed successful ENFPs tend to go down…although personally I strongly prefer one ENFP success path over the other.

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