Perfect Pals For Ambitious ENFPs

Perfect Pals For Ambitious ENFPs

“Your peer group will make such a BIG difference for you!”

Find Your Tribe!

Are you an ambitious ENFP who wants to make s*it happen and change the world?

Who are the best types of friends for ENFPs?

Who should you spend your time with?

What about these ENTJs… As an ENFP, my ENTJ friends are often quite inspiring and help me focus.

While not always perfect, the ENFP and ENTJ match can be quite inspiring and great for everyone involved.

That said, the video above isn’t focused on just one type, but instead explores the traits to look for in friends, the kind of friends who will support you in your growth and development.

Picking the right kind of friends will help ENFPs become the BEST version of themselves.

If you’re an ENFP personality, making friends comes easily to you.

Whatever your ambition, the friends you choose to spend your time with are going to have a massive impact on your results in life.

How can an ENFP who wants to succeed pick the RIGHT kind of friends and build their network to keep themselves going?


00:44 – ENFPs Invest In Their Friendships

01:35 – Friends Who “Have Their Sh*t Together” & Avoiding “Drama Loving” People

03:49 – ENTJs and ENFPs

04:53 – Friends Who Will Call You Out

06:26 – Shifting Your ENFP Peer Group & Making Entrepreneurial Friends Who Have Similar Dreams

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