How To TRIPLE Your Savings and See The World

Want to know how to triple your savings and travel the world?!

“How much money you have in the bank isn’t what matters, it’s your runway – how long do you have before you run out of money?”

Buy Your Time – For Real!

If you’re an ENFP or INFP you will absolutely love this approach because it allows you to invest more time in getting your business off the ground all while traveling more and having more freedom.

Becoming location independent is one of the best ways to live better on less. This is why you see digital nomads living the dream on only a few thousand dollars a month (or less).

Imagine having a year to start your business with your current savings instead of just a few months?

I’ve made other videos about money advice for ENFPs and INFPs but the approach in the video above may be my favourite because it adds in a great lifestyle and new experience while being financially wise.

Plus, it’s exciting, so location independence and travel is a pretty easy thing for us ENFPs to get behind.

Some great destinations for living well include Central and Eastern Europe (Prague, Budapest, Poland, Balkans), Spain and Portugal (Barcelona and Lisbon are two great choices), and of course, South East Asia. While I haven’t been myself, Thailand (Chiang Mai especially) and Vietnam are popular destinations for digital nomads.

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