Being The Best Version Of Yourself

Aug 2019 ENFP careers video without text min

ENFP Life & Career Advice: How To Choose Something?

An ENFP asks about choosing the right career or business idea. Having lots of options is never a struggle for an ENFP…it’s choosing JUST ONE and actually taking action.


ENFP and ISTJ Relationships: How To Make a Change

What does an ENFP and ISTJ marriage look like? Can it work? This AskDan relationship question hits some big points for my fellow ENFPs about relationship compatibility and building the right relationship for your type.

Aug 2019 first video without text min

Is Freedom Everything For ENFPs?

Us ENFPs love our Freedom. Ask an ENFP what they want and you’ll think you’ve caught a replay of Braveheart. But is pursuing freedom above all out really the best advice for ENFPs?

July 2019 Changing Your Money Mindset without text min

Change Your Money Mindset

I’m sharing 3 things you can do to break the poverty mindset and start feeling more abundance and possibilities when it comes to your bank account.

July 2019 3 types of stress without text min

The 3 Types of Stress: Good, Bad, and Early Death

This advice will help you understand 3 kinds of stress and adjust your relationship with each so you can maximize your potential, energy levels, and longevity.

Patch The Leaks and Double Your Brain Power

How To Double Your Brain Power

Ever feel drained before you even begin? Feeling like you’re leaking energy and rarely able to give your full 100%? Here’s how to solve this issue.

July 17th video1 without text min

Why You Feel Fearful and Anxious and How To Stop It

We’ve all felt fear and anxiety at some points, especially at stressful times…You may also feel worried even if everything seems OK. Have you ever wondered WHY? 

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