ENFPs, Gaming Addiction & Finding Your Purpose

“Finding yourself takes a long period of uninterrupted time.”

Beat Distractions and Find Your Focus As an ENFP

An ENFP (possible INFP) from Iran asks about online gaming addiction and figuring out what the heck to do with your life.

As a former Starcraft pro I know the joy of gaming…but there are times for it and times to stop.

Sometimes when we’re trying to figure out our purpose or what we want to do with our life, these little distractions or addictions like online gaming, dating, sex, alcohol, Netflix and TV can have a terrible effect and hold us in place for years.

Here’s the original question:

I’m an ENFP guy and I’m 21 and studying Computer Engineering at Ferdowsi Uni.

So many times it comes to me that it’s not a good field for me and I’m lost in my life and I don’t know what should I do and where I should start.

I’m just playing online games and just waiting to this part of my life will finish, but I think its not a good idea and I want to start something and do something useful.

I enjoy the ENFP videos and did some tests to make sure I’m an ENFP but in my tests, I had some doubt in some questions and I did the test again and switched my doubts then my result comes out as an INFP and I got confused about that.

After some tests about Introverted and Extravagant and the results were so weird. It is like 50-50 Extravagant and Introverted, I don’t know that will help you give me some advice on what should I do for start and what should I do with my life.

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