Don’t Make This ENFP and INFP Mistake

“As an ENFP or INFP, it’s kind of painful to have to do the same thing every day.”

ENFP & INFP #1 Mistake

When I follow good ideas for a daily routine and habits like cardio exercise, planning what I need to do, and eating well, I feel great and get more done…

And then…

I stop.

I can’t be the only ENFP who does this, right?!

“I’m feeling great, I don’t need to go to the gym today…”

If you want to have more energy during the day, be productive and rock your goals, developing healthy routines and habits is a must.

Yes, routine and maintenance suck for us ENFPs and our fellow INFPs but sometimes we just have to do it!

The advice in the video above is very powerful for us ambitious ENFPs and INFPs and will help you get more done while staying healthy and full of energy!

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