Are you one of the ENFPs committing this act of treason against yourself?

"This may be the worst advice you'll ever read..."

I want to share some of the worst advice an ENFP can ever receive. But, for this to make sense, we first need to establish something: What makes a near perfect life for most ENFPs?

I'm sure there is no single right answer, we're all very different, but if you ask me...

You have a wide network of interesting, often accomplished, funny, and passionate friends. Often you lose track of time and your conversations go into the wee hours of the night as you explore philosophy, psychology, and culture.

Your days are packed with flow and projects you love to immerse yourself in. Whether it's something creative, like writing, or something social like brainstorming or teaching, a good chunk of your time is spent in moments like these.

Within your field and community at large, you're recognized and respected for what you do. Not only do people listen to you, but they actively seek out your advice and opinions.

Your work is stimulating and provides opportunities for your own growth and development while also providing you with a satisfying lifestyle...perhaps through multiple endeavors or streams of income.

Inside, and I mean inside, you feel focused and in charge. Your intuition is strong and guides you to make good decisions. You often experience a pull towards your goals...the drive within forces you to pour energy into your projects.

Through your successes and finished projects, you experience a great level of freedom. Like an author who can take a year off to travel and "think" between books...you have the freedom to design your days and months and choose where and how you'd like to live.

From physicists to philosophers, actors to authors, and a wealth of entrepreneurs and lifestyle designers living outside the traditional box - WE are extremely capable. 

I believe the reason many ENFPs struggle to live life on their own terms comes down to one simple nemesis…

Bad advice…

(and the bad beliefs this advice creates)

Specifically, advice created by and for people who are wired completely differently than us.

And you know EXACTLY what I mean if you’ve ever tried to put the “Getting Things Done” organization system into action, or tried to follow any business or negotiation books written by cutthroat ENTJs.

When you first read one of these books I’m sure you thought “wow, this is great advice!”. You may have even felt inspired and rushed to put it into action…

But how long did that really last? How long have you ever stuck to a system created for a completely different kind of person?

The reason so many ENFPs feel like they’re struggling is bad advice AND the bad beliefs this advice has created.

Don’t believe me? Let’s break down one of the most devastating pieces of bad advice:

"Just pick one thing and stick to it"

Like so much soul-crushing, bargain basement advice this one sounds good on the surface...

"So you're having trouble because you want to do a lot of things? How about you just pick one thing?"

This is awful advice. Why?

It is going to make you sad.

As ENFPs, our primary function, Extroverted Intuition, is all about new experiences. It, which means you, LOVES novelty.

Choosing just one thing to focus on for a decade deprives you of some of your biggest joys…

Completely New Experiences…

We LOVE to explore. Pick something: Countries. People. Food. Movies. Ideas. Businesses.
I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who will find 20 different ways to walk to the same place just to create new experiences…

We love when something is new and we’re always learning and developing.

So, whoever gave you the advice of "just pick one thing", whether a parent, career counsellor, or Walmart throw pillow, is potentially depriving you of a tremendous source of joy, excitement, and fulfillment.

It's also going to make you stupid. 

Have you ever met someone with a really deep and varied background? Perhaps they'd worked in many different cultures, travelled extensively, or been involved in all kinds of successful organisations and relationships.

It can be next level. The amount of wisdom and insight they have far beyond their years is apparent from the get go. And it's always been clear to me that those people have that sense of calm, that focus, that wisdom, because of all the different experiences they've been through.

So if one extreme leads to someone being calm, focused, and wise, what would the other extreme, a life deprived of new challenges, new experiences, and continual learning lead to?

Your extroverted intuition NEEDS new experiences to learn, grow, and master abilities like…

  • Reading people
  • Spotting patterns
  • Sensing what the future will have in store
  • Brainstorming new ideas and solutions like the legend you are

New experiences and continuous development are essential to your personal growth and long term success…

Which means “Just pick one thing and stick to it…even if you don’t really like it” belongs in the same bucket of bad advice and outdated beliefs as marrying your cousin and inherited your profession from your father.

So, this is just one of dozens of pieces of “wisdom” and cultural beliefs that, on the surface make sense, but in practice wreak havoc on our lives.

Not only is this bad advice either impossible for us to implement or destructive if we do…

But it creates with it beliefs that are even more destructive.

Whether you realize it or not, when you’re exposed to other people’s bad advice, left unchallenged and unquestioned, you affect your own internal belief system which influences how you act and how you judge yourself.

For example, hidden in the “just do one thing” advice is the underlying belief that “if you can’t focus and just do one thing, something is wrong with you…and you’ll never succeed”

So when we’re unable, or unwilling, to follow this advice…rather than learn from our own inner wisdom, we’re left feeling frustrated, guilty, and insecure…Like, there must be something wrong with us.

What if it doesn't have to be that way?

What if, instead of ESTJ judgement, throw pillow advice, and trite cliches…You built your life around uplifting advice specific to ENFPs?

In addition to obviously being an ENFP myself, and I'd like to think having figured a few things out, I've been coaching our type since 2013.

And that has been an absolute privilege that has allowed me to go very deep into the psyche of some extremely successful people and learn their best practices, approaches, ways of thinking and also notice patterns with struggles.

That can be the same from an ENFP just figuring out what college they want to go to, to an ENFP managing a national bank.

Some of the same internal dialogues that go on in the mind of struggling artists trying to figure out how to market what they do to the mind of an ENFP who has quote unquote made it in the eyes of society but yet doesn't feel that way inside.

This is why I could not be more excited to be...

Introducing ENFP Unleashed

This course is the result of 15 months of work with an inspiring group of ENFPs from around the world. It includes advanced ideas, insights, and strategies for becoming your best self and creating an awesome life.

Here's why ENFPs are joining the program

Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Defeat self deception through increased self knowledge, self awareness, and self discipline. 

Gain Clarity and Focus

Create an inspiring vision for your future and wake up each day with a sense of calm, of purpose, and of direction...even before your morning coffee. 

Upgrade Your Influences

Move beyond the "doubters" and "realists" and learn from inspiring ENFPs who share some of your same values. Find yourself pulled towards your goals by the right ideas and inspiring peers. 

Learn How To Finish

Break self destructive patterns, learn how to hold yourself accountable and figure out that tricky "last 10%" (finally be someone who finishes what you start)

Confidence Coach-Kelly Parker

Kelly Parker

Confidence Coach

Having the support of the group and Dan has given me the confidence and courage to just carry on. Dan understood me and it was great to have somebody who is also an ENFP who understands why we can’t just always get things done. I’m now at the position where I’m really excited about the future and I think for the first time I have a clear goal, I know where I’m going, and I finally feel like I’m on the right path! 


Craig Deuchar

Voice and Presence Coach

It’s not just about what Dan coaches, it’s also about how he coaches. You’ll find he’s empathic, particularly in the times when you’re struggling.

He can be very direct when he needs to be, without being overpowering. 

Also he creates this environment in the group that actually makes it fun. 


Tara Nelson

Fiction Writer and Web Developer

One of the best things about Dan is how honest he is, both in terms of just being himself and in terms of work. His honesty is one of the best and biggest values I got out of working with him.

Dan's also very approachable, funny, and engaging, while still staying on topic, and getting through the material in a concise manner.



What You'll Be Learning

Week One - Your ENFP Superpowers
  • The ENFP Superpowers you won’t find in any career guide or standard mbti website.
  • What strengths high performing ENFPs leverage to achieve next level results.
  • My favourite ENFP superpowers you really need to be showing off
  • A new way of thinking that makes utilizing your superpowers in your work as easy as apple pie.
  • How to get out of your own way and actually make room to succeed.
  • What top performers do differently that allows them to spend the majority of their time working in their strengths, and how you can do it too
harnessing your enfp superpowers module 1
Week Two - Let's Get Functional
  • What each of those 4 letters, E, N, F and P ACTUALLY mean and the map they provide for developing into your best self
  • How healthy ENFPs develop over a lifetime and how to ensure you’re on track (or ahead) of where you should be
  • What specific activities you can do to develop your functions and create a stronger personality foundation
  • How to develop your Extroverted thinking so you can get more done, organize the world around you, and create structure to turn your ideas into reality.
  • How to develop and trust your Introverted Feeling so you can make quicker decisions, stay on track, and actually follow through on projects you’ve started
Week Three - Don't Go Chasing These Waterfalls
  • The ENFP “weaknesses” that are really rocket fuel begging you to burn. 
  • How acting like an annoying kid can turn you into the most energized, fulfilled, and quite possibly richest ENFP on the block.
  • Hidden devils that may be sabotaging your success but aren’t actually related to being an ENFP
  • My favorite strategies for getting organized and getting more done
  • Email rules that will save your inbox, and your sanity, from all kinds of chaos, overwhelm, and missed opportunities
  • Why the “open minded ENFP” never gets anywhere (if this is you, you’re setting yourself up for frustration and failure…but there’s an easy fix!)
  • How to defeat overwhelm and get out of negative thought loops
Week Four - Maximum Impact
  • We answer the fundamental question “how can you make a larger impact while exerting a smaller input?”
  • Maximizing your impact in relationships, your health, your wealth, and creating an amazing lifestyle for yourself (and your entourage).
  • A repeatable process you can use to enhance all areas of your life while expending LESS energy than you do now (and getting MUCH better results)
  • A process for increasing your income while decreasing your working hours and quantity of draining, “painful” tasks. 
Week Five - Your ENFP Vision
  • An exercise to help extract some important ideas from YOU including:
  • What kind of life you want to create
  • When you’re happiest
  • Who energizes you and who you need to eliminate from your life
  • How to live so, looking back on your life, you’ll be free of regrets and satisfied with the choices you’ve made
Week Six - A New You
  • Redesign your self image to act as a source of fuel to push you towards the life you want.
  • Uncover hidden insecurities and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back

About The Program Leader,
Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston is an ENFP, Coach, and Entrepreneur. Under the name Dreams Around The World he created and hosts a popular YouTube Channel and Podcast particularly loved by fellow ENFPs.

He's been featured or quoted in well known publications such as CBC, Forbes, Inc, and The New York Times.

Dan is also a bestselling author and avid traveller. Since 2012 he's been living outside his home country Canada and has lived in 8 countries so far. At the moment he's living in Prague.

Perhaps most importantly, according to his clients he's a hilarious guy and, despite the fancy bio, as authentic, down to earth, and personal as one can be. 

Week Seven - How To Rock Your Goals
  • How To Stay On Track When You Have 50 Ideas and Everything is an Opportunity
  • The Best Way To Create Productive Days, Weeks, and Years
  • My Approach To Get More Done AND Have More Fun
  • Save yourself years of frustration by discovering the kinds of goals that don’t motivate ENFPs
  • Learn the best way for ENFPs to set goals that will be intrinsically motivational (and make it easy to follow through!)
  • How to supercharge your goals so it’s almost impossible NOT to follow through
  • Learn, and protect yourself from, the 3 biggest goal setting mistakes ENFPs make that guarantee you’ll fail every time
  • How to eliminate distractions and addictions that could be costing you HUGE amounts of productivity without you even realizing it.
  • Productivity structures you can steal and implement right away to put you on the right path
  • The Mind-Body-Environment Trio that sets you up for daily success and long term satisfaction
Week Eight - Big Ideas For Ambitious ENFPs

  • How one old fashioned idea could create a lifetime of extra leisure and rewards
  • One simple idea that build you a foundation for success
  • How to build the lifestyle of your dreams with just a little bit of extra work
  • The cold hard facts on tall men stealing all the ladies and what we can learn from it
  • My approach for treating my future self right and building an incredible life tomorrow, and twenty years down the road. 
Week Nine - Getting Ahead of Yourself

  • Do you feel like you're swimming uphill or running against the grain? Learn what steps you can take to reverse this pattern and create an easier future.
  • Learn what an “ENFP Special” is and how you might be setting yourself up for failure by guaranteeing you’ll lose your motivation before projects are finished
  • Create gifts for your future self and increase your free time, finances, and personal wellbeing FOREVER.
  • Learn how to make better decisions and resist short term impulses in exchange for long term benefits
Week Ten - ENFP Entrepreneurs 
  • Why ENFPs are so drawn to entrepreneurship and the truth about their chances for success
  • Common ENFP Entrepreneur struggles (and what you can do about them)
  • The 3 types of businesses (and how to determine which one is right for you)
  • How to defeat entrepreneurial loneliness as an extrovert
  • What type of entrepreneurs are ENFPs and who should we partner with to improve our chances of success?
  • How starters and finishers work (and work together)
  • The right way to choose your “perfect” business and get started
  • How to create the right environment to excel as an ENFP Entrepreneur
  • Applying the slow is smooth and smooth is fast framework to growing your business
  • How to know if you should take on a business partner, and if so, what personality types are the best for ENFPs?
  • My experiences hiring and growing a team as an ENFP

Week Eleven - ENFPs and ADHD
  • Why you can’t ignore this topic as an ENFP (it can seriously bite you in the ass if you do!)
  • Common ADHD myths and misunderstandings
  • How to know if you have ADHD, you’re just an ENFP, or perhaps you just need a little less angry birds in your life
Week Twelve - 13 Lessons For A Healthy Mind and Happy Life
  • How to stay focused and clear headed no matter what’s going on in the world around you
  • How to stay focused and on track…
  • Eliminate self-doubt and “force” those around you to accept who you really are (and start supporting you to soar!)
  • How to align your moral compass and your Introverted Feeling function with your day to day reality to create an unstoppable feeling of goodness
  • The secret to really leveraging your strengths and getting more done as an ENFP (and how you can implement it immediately)
  • Where you should never, ever ever, give your attention.
  • One social interaction that will zap your energy and kill your dreams
  • An exercise to restore your focus and maximize your mental energy
  • The right way to approach decisions
  • The right way to gather info and figure things out
  • If you don’t learn this as an ENFP, well, you’re doomed to fail
  • When, and why, it’s time to let someone else step in and handle it
  • The one time of day you must protect and use to be at your best
  • Nobody wants to admit it, but you’re already doing this one thing ENFPs say they HATE doing…

Spending a Weekend With Me

Normally, if you wanted to hire me for a weekend to pick my brain it would cost you $2,000...

But in this program, over the next three months, you'll uncover everything I know about being your best as an ENFP. Forget the measly $2,000 weekend: Spend the next three months engaged and developing with myself and an inspiring community of ENFPs...

And your investment is only $495. 

Accelerated Program

The Complete Program



  • 12 Week Training Program
  • Lifetime Access to training in video, audio, and written format.
  • Get Started Immediately
  • Access to All Modules
  • Includes Next Level ENFP Interview Series
  • One Year Access To Private Online Community

Payment plan available on checkout page.

Next Level Program

Includes Group & Private Coaching



  • 12 Week Training Program
  • Lifetime Access To Recordings in video, audio, and written format.
  • Get Started Immediately
  • Access to All Modules
  • Includes Next Level ENFP Interview Series
  • One Year Access To Private Online Community
  • Includes Four Group Coaching and Q&A Calls
  • Includes Four Private Coaching Sessions (50 mins each)

Payment plan available on checkout page.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 45-Days

I have been offering coaching and training services since 2013 and stand behind everything I do. 

Enroll in ENFP Unleashed risk-free. You have 45 days to go through the first 6 weeks of training, put it into action, and ensure it's really working for you. 

After you enroll, complete at least a third of the program within the first 45 days. If you do not feel I've gone above and beyond, or if it isn't working for you, email Sanja at [email protected] and we'll refund every penny within 24 hours. 


English Teacher, in Korea

I love it for two reasons! First, I've learnt so much about myself from the training videos I'm watching in the course. It has enabled me to move forward in a positive and healthy manner. I've learnt what I thought were weaknesses are actually my strengths.

The second thing I love is the video calls with other ENFPs from around the world. You get to hear their stories, their feedback, and their struggles. You get to support and motivate each other and accomplish our goals.

I just gotta say, I love this program. At first I was apprehensive because I was like oh my gosh it's expensive...but you know what, it was worth the money. It's an investment in yourself.

Thank you so much Dan for this program, it has been a ball!


Nathan To

Copywriter & Consultant

With an awesome mix of tough love, humour, empathy and Canadian kindness, Dan really helped me refocus and simplify my plan. He has made a huge impact on building my confidence, building my self-awareness, put my old unhelpful mindsets out and showing me what healthier mindsets best positioned me for long-term success.

Ana Hall

Supermom and Financial Coach

It's been transformational. I've come a long way with confidence.



Medical Doctor, Germany

Since I joined the community I definitely felt that I was able to identify my struggles. I could really, really relate to what Dan was saying in the videos, and also what other fellow ENFP members were talking about. So I felt like it was coming home. They're so supportive and so welcoming. It's a great way to connect to people all over the world that have the same personality type.

I thought it was a no brainer for an ENFP. I'm definitely happy I joined and I can only recommend that if you're an ENFP, considering joining the program, you will not be disappointed in any way because it's a great opportunity to make the most out of your life. So I can only recommend that you should join the program. So I hope I'll see you soon.


Tamar Slooves

Designer, Netherlands

Dan’s approach is honest and personal, he’s an expert in understanding people and providing advice on your own path. Oh, and he is also super funny – I’ve laughed my ass off more than once working with him.


Yasmine Morchadi

Works at United Nations

Thanks to Dan, I was finally able to find a job that I feel excited to go to every morning, and as a result, do well while having fun. 

This is coming from someone who has literally no patience for things I don’t like to do: I switched jobs 6 times in less than a year and was starting to feel desperate. Dan showed me that I don’t have to settle. I’ve been enjoying my professional and personal life, and I’m in a period of gaining skills and expertise so I can start my own thing soon. I’m getting so much positive feedback at different levels, including work and it’s making me value my

competencies and self-image.


Jumana Alibhai


After I found Dan online, I devoured his YouTube videos. The next thing I knew I was signing up for his ENFP Unleashed program. I wanted my own business, but I couldn't quite get it going.

Fast forward, I actually landed my dream career. I went from a cubicle to an office. From not being able to work remotely to having the freedom to work when I want, how I want. And I did that by following Dan - by harnessing the inner ENFP in me. And I am really thankful for all that he's taught me. If you're thinking about joining him in ENFP Unleashed, please go for it. He's amazing.


Because We Like To Go Fast

Accelerator 1
Superstar Interview Series

They say the best way to excel at anything is to learn from someone who is already great at it. 

I'd say an even better way is to learn from someone who is great AND shares your personality type. 

As an ENFP Unleashed member, you'll learn directly from ENFPs who have pursued their passion and won, achieving next level results in Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Finances, Philanthropy, Travel, and more.

ENFP Audio Library

Nothing beats top of mind and ongoing insights for developing your self knowledge and making continuous progress each and every day.

We've created an audio library for doing just this which includes inspiring highlights from the training videos, podcasts, and interviews.

The library is organized to make it easy for you to digest motivating pieces each and every day. 

One Year Online Community

Nothing accelerates progress like personalized advice and direct guidance...not to mention a supportive peer group. 

When you become part of ENFP Unleashed you become part of a supportive community for an entire year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

Can I buy this program as a gift for my ENFP friend / partner / child / parent? 

I'm not an ENFP, can I take the course?

English isn't my first language, does the training come with subtitles?

Can I work one-on-one with Dan?

Will this help me with accountability?

How does the group coaching work?

How much time do I need to commit?

How long do I have to complete the program?

What happens after I enroll? Is all the content available now for me to get started?

I'm from the land down under...I hate timezones

What is your customer service? 

Accelerated Program

The Complete Program



  • 12 Week Training Program
  • Lifetime Access to training in video, audio, and written format.
  • Get Started Immediately
  • Access to All Modules
  • Includes Next Level ENFP Interview Series
  • One Year Access To Private Online Community

Payment plan available on checkout page.

Next Level Program

Includes Group & Private Coaching



  • 12 Week Training Program
  • Lifetime Access To Recordings in video, audio, and written format.
  • Get Started Immediately
  • Access to All Modules
  • Includes Next Level ENFP Interview Series
  • One Year Access To Private Online Community
  • Includes Four Group Coaching and Q&A Calls
  • Includes Four Private Coaching Sessions (50 mins each)

Payment plan available on checkout page.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 45-Days

I have been offering coaching and training services since 2013 and stand behind everything I do. 

Enroll in ENFP Unleashed risk-free. You have 45 days to go through the first 6 weeks of training, put it into action, and ensure it's really working for you. 

After you enroll, complete at least a third of the program within the first 45 days. If you do not feel I've gone above and beyond, or if it isn't working for you, email us at [email protected] and we'll refund every penny within 24 hours. 

You Got This

If you've been with me for a while you already know my 70% Rule: If you're 70% sure of something, the right move is always to take action and see what you can learn.


In this case, with the 45 day satisfaction guarantee, you don't have to risk anything for a huge potential upside.

So, what's left to say? Let's do this. 


Dreams Around The World

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