The Best ENFP Morning Routine – 6 Things to Keep in Mind

The Best ENFP Morning Routine – 6 Things to Keep in Mind

With Extroverted Intuition as our primary function it is very easy for ENFPs to get distracted early in the day and…well…you know. Here’s everything you need for the perfect ENFP morning routine.

What is the best ENFP morning routine?

I’m going to share my six must for an amazing morning routine as an ENFP. Now, you might be looking for the perfect ENFP morning routine, and I have some bad news for you. It doesn’t really exist.

I’ve been coaching ENFP for years now, I am one myself, and the one thing I found about routines is that the perfect routine for an ENFP is often the new routine that we are most excited about. Therefore we have this energy to actually follow through and stick to it, and also, because it’s new, it’s probably more designed about what we’re actually trying to achieve In the moment.

I’ve been working for myself for almost a decade now and during that time, I’ve had phases where I’ve been writing a book, and that’s about it. I’ve had phases where I’m having 15 coaching calls a week, I had phases where I’m doing some combination of all of the above, or times like today where it’s just an offline day, haven’t turned my phone on, and I’m just working on filming videos. So the same routine probably doesn’t work throughout the lifetime.

But what I have found is there are certain elements that for me as an ENFP are essential to a successful morning routine, and I will take these elements and remix them a little bit depending on what my goals are for that period in my life.

So I have three don’ts and three do’s and we’re going to start with the first don’t, which is don’t Eat That Frog.

The best ENFP morning routine Do’s and Don’ts

There’s an old book by Brian Tracy called Eat That Frog and it’s basically about doing that difficult thing that you’re putting off first thing in the day so that you don’t dread it for the rest of your day. That makes sense in theory, get up handle that, then you’ll feel good for the rest of the day. The thing is – how much excitement and energy do you wake up with when the first thing you have to do is something that you’re really dreading doing? Not a lot, usually.

So that leads us to our first do which is to focus on one thing! This can be a win for the day, which is important and is something you actually enjoy doing. For me, this tends to be creative elements, maybe it’s to write for two hours, or film a few videos or record some podcasts, or plan out training I’m doing later in the week. But something that I actually enjoy doing.

The thing with this is, you might have heard, maybe It’s just a rumor, that occasionally ENFPs get distracted. Never happened to me ever, not once but I’ve heard it happens occasionally to other people. *wink wink*

So when you start your day off with something that’s important, and you get it done then you can look back at your day and you’ll still feel good because you’ve got something important done. If you do something important every single day, even if it’s only an hour of your day, I can guarantee you’re going to have a lot more success over that month, than if you spread things out in a totally different fashion.

The other bonus of doing this is you feel good about yourself. I used to think that if I do something really important and it’s done, I’ll lose that momentum for the rest of the day, and I’ll instantly reward myself because I’ve got something done, and I can go be lazy afterward, but actually what happens with me is I feel really good that I’ve got that thing done, and then I do more. So I’m actually more productive.

Speaking of momentum, be careful about starting your day with anything passive that you can get caught up in and want to stick around with, like for example a two-hour interview on a podcast or a video series somewhere or a Netflix show or anything like that. Things can get very easy for us to hijack our brains. You might say to yourself, “I’ll spend 15 minutes, and I’m back to work…”, and then an hour and a half goes by and you’re thinking about the subjects they were talking about on the podcast, and you haven’t really got into that main thing you wanted to do that most important thing for your day.

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My rule when I really want to ensure my days go well is nothing, no input until I get through that one most important thing just to be on the safe side of it.

Our second DO here for an amazing ENFP morning routine is to GET MOVING. Do something that is going to get your body going, could be going for a walk, going for a run, doing something at home as well, some kind of home exercise. I personally like leaving the house, I think there’s something about this stimulus of walking around seeing other people seeing other things, having that variety to start off the day, I think that can be very positive. I think one of my favorite parts about running is doing it in new areas that I haven’t been to, and seeing things in that way. But whatever you do, do something where you are getting moving in the day.

Productivity tip for ENFPs – Don’t open social media in the morning!

So get up, get going, it’s a great way to build momentum for the day and it’s again, one of those wins. So not only does getting moving, change the way you think and function, it also builds your confidence in yourself and that positive momentum in the day. Speaking of feeling good about yourself, our last DON’TS is don’t open social media, no matter what. In fact, I would strongly discourage you from opening any inbox in the morning that includes WhatsApp, text messages, and email, but especially the old social media.

As ENFPs, our primary function is Extraverted Intuition. This is where we think about all the possibilities. When someone asks us a question, we don’t usually turn to them and say, here’s the exact answer. We think about all the options and the possibilities and what could even be done that’s never been done before, and what happens when you open an inbox of questions? For example, you open your WhatsApp first thing in the morning, and you have messages from a friend asking you if you would like to do something on Friday. Or you have a message from your partner asking if you should take a trip together. What would you like to do? Where should we go? You start to think of these things and what you’ve just done, you’ve loaded these questions into your extroverted intuition, and whether you want to or not, your brain is now using a huge amount of its processing power to answer these questions in the background or the foreground.

So an hour later, maybe you just find yourself a bit more drained than you normally would be because you’ve been thinking about this.

Questions are very dangerous for us ENFPs, and pretty much any inbox that exists is a question factory, you open your inbox, and there are questions, there, and things to think about.

Some days are not going to be bad. Some days are no problem. But other days will be and unfortunately, there’s no way to predict when that will happen. In many cases, myself included, when I do look at feeds on social media, I don’t have a good feeling from it, it doesn’t leave me anything positive because It’s mostly politics and stuff, so don’t do that. That’s a pretty simple rule. How you start your day is probably going to carry over in terms of your moods and energy and that as well.

Usually for most people, morning is the time of the day where you have the most energy and focus. So don’t waste it on any kind of inbox.

How to stay productive during the day as an ENFP? Don’t forget your WHY

Speaking of your energy, and this is our last DO here, take a moment to remind yourself of your why and what your intentions for the day were.

By intentions, it can be something like, “I intend to be a more positive loving human being today”. That’s great. It can also just be reviewing your to-do list which you should always write the night before, I might make a whole nother video on this and why this is important with how our brains function. But your to-do list should be done the night before, never in the morning.

When you first wake up in the morning you have a bit of a blank slate so it’s really a great time to load up your intention what you want to get done, maybe how you want to feel what you want to accomplish, and get that in before some other crap gets into your mind.

So always review what you want to get done in the day first, before getting into any kind of inbox any kind of other input from other people that has a huge chance of hijacking your day.

As I said at the start I do not think there is one perfect ENFP morning routine. I think we have to adjust it based on our phases in life and who we are and just to have some novelty but these elements I have found can consistently lead to a great morning routine for myself, and I would encourage you to pick at least a few of them if not all of them to add to your morning routine.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. Now I have a feeling I’ve tried to work it out all wrong most of the times, and I drained my brain often really soon in the morning, instead of getting myself ready and hyped for the world and challenges. I am gonna try to do that now, but you know how it goes. 😀

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