3 Awesome Things About ENFJs – From an ENFP Perspective

3 Awesome Things About ENFJs – From an ENFP Perspective

“ENFJs are supercool kind of people. Here’s why!”

Why ENFJs Are Great

ENFJs are one of the four Idealist personality types (with ENFPs, INFPs, and INFJs).

Learn 3 awesome things about ENFJs, whether you are an ENFJ yourself or have a friend or partner who is.

I discuss ENFJ strengths, relationships and friendships (and their love to party), a sense of design and knowledge, and the ENFJ determination to reach their goals.

It’s quite common for ENFPs to test as an ENFJ, or for ENFJs to test as an ENFP so this video may also provide a little more insight if you’re wondering if you’re an ENFP or ENFJ…although I will create a detailed video on this in the future.

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