Make 2019 The Year of Your Superpowers

by Dan Johnston

Make 2019 The Year of Your Superpowers

“Asking yourself the right questions will change how you get things done and will make 2019 the year of your superpowers!”

Make It FUN

I’ve made a few videos on ENFP superpowers and if you’re a subscriber you know that using your strengths is a key part of designing and living an epic life.

In this 4th video in my 2019 series I share 3 powerful questions you can use to transform HOW you achieve in 2019.

How can you have more fun while getting things done?

How can you be accountable an ensure you reach your goals?

How can you use your superpowers (whatever your personality type) to get things done so you achieve more while having a good time and feeling fulfilled?

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