Do ENFPs Hate Each Other?

“ENFPs are not always right…but we tend to want to speak our minds when we see something as the truth.”

Say It Ain’t So!

OK, so we’ve got big personalities, a lot of strong beliefs, and an inability to hold back our opinions…

Sofia from Estonia asks:

“I’ve noticed something strange lately concerning 3 of my friends, who all turned out to be ENFPs.

It seems that they don’t get along very well, I’ve talked to each of them and they all have some kind of negative opinion about the other two. It was always like that and lately I learned that they all are ENFPs.

I know it’s best not to be stuck in types, but as far as it goes, it seems to me that ENFPs tend to have disagreements and quarrels with each other by default.

Well, I may be mistaken, maybe I’m just failing to understand them since I’m an INFP. My question is, why don’t ENFPs get along?”

Let’s explore that question and look at ENFP relationships, conflicts and how our personality might, well, clash with itself!

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