Two ENFP Strengths You Should Embrace

“We often grow up with people that put different values on us and the things we really love doing we maybe shy away from because we enjoy it so much.”

I just finished up an ENFP Unleashed coaching call and something came up on the call, which is two strengths that you should really embrace and enjoy as an ENFP.

There’s a couple of things that as an ENFP we absolutely love doing and sometimes we don’t necessarily embrace the things we love.

We often grow up with parents or with other people that put different values on us and the things we really love doing we maybe shy away from because we enjoy it so much.

We think: “Hey, that’s not the good old Puritan work ethic!”

If we enjoy it, maybe we should do it less.

Both of these things don’t pay off right away.

They don’t have the same immediate rewards that other activities might, but in the long run, these can be two of the most rewarding things we can do.

ENFP Strength #1 – The Love of Learning

The first thing is the love of learning as an ENFP.

I’m sure you love to learn.

I have probably listened to a hundred and 50 audiobooks, something like this, and some of them still are sparking thoughts I have and things that I end up sharing in videos.

I don’t necessarily share a book summary, but something I read in a book 10 years ago.

For instance, the book The Power of Habit, I can remember listening to that well walking down the street in San Jose, Costa Rica, which would have been the start of 2012.

The things that it talked about in that book I still reference and think of all the time when I’m coming up with videos or advice or different things like this.

And so this learning that you may love doing, and that may sometimes feel like I’m learning way too much – I need to be doing and yes, sometimes that is true, you need to be doing and not always learning, definitely.

But do not feel that it will ever be a waste.

The more learning that you do now, it will all stay in your head, you’re not going to forget it, and it can help build a really great base of knowledge.

Then over time, you end up applying more and more of that knowledge.

ENFP Strength #2 – The Love of Meeting and Connecting With People

The second thing is connections and meeting with people.

Surprise, surprise, as an ENFP you probably make friends quite easily.

You probably love connecting with people, making new contacts, and maybe staying in touch.

Now I’m getting staying in touch isn’t easy for you in terms of an organizational point of view, but that you love or just generally like knowing people and keeping up with them.

Those networks, those people you meet are going to be one of the most valuable assets you have as you go forward.

Whether it’s for support, for other people they know, for being your first clients, whatever it happens to be – know that those connections you’re making now are going to be really valuable in the future.

And one of the reasons that they may be so valuable is you’re not making them now in a cutthroat “I want to make money, I’m only being your friend for that reason” kind of approach.

You’re making these connections because you actually care about the people and you want to get to know them and make friends, which is why often the connections you’re making will be so valuable in the long run.

At the event I hosted here in Prague, one of the participants, Tara, one of the nights when we were out walking around, I overheard her saying something to someone else at the event:

“One of the best things about working with Dan is all the people he knows.”

And it’s just crazy the amount of connections because I think, in Tara’s case, I’ve referred her two or three different clients she’s ended up working with.

And they’ve ended up being, in most cases, pretty cool clients and good work for her.

One of the things that is the cause of that is, of course, my ENFP power of meeting with people and making those connections and just knowing awesome people that I love getting to know and meeting and then staying in touch with.

These connections become more and more valuable over time.

And I’m not ever saying that you should be friends with people in terms of a connection standpoint.

But if you are thinking in terms of the traditional mindset of like, are you investing your time well, are you developing skills, are you going to be successful, if you are thinking about it in that way, keep in mind that these things you’re doing that you love doing will be valuable.

Maybe the people you’re meeting today are just starting out as well and so you’re both struggling, you’re both getting started, and you’re both kind of in those early stages.

But 5-10-20 years from now, hopefully, more like 5 or 10, you’re both going to be well on your way to doing what it is you really want to do and be in a great position to support each other as well.

So these two ENFP superpowers – the love of learning and the love of meeting and connecting with new people – embrace them.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t also get to work.

Sometimes you can just be partying, meeting people and reading all day every day, but definitely embrace them and don’t hold back because the things that you’re learning now and the people you’re meeting are going to pay off dividends for you for decades to come.

I promise you that.

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