ENFP-A personality type Defined

All you need to know about ENFP-A personality type

So the ENFP A is the ENFP you think about who is jumping into new situations, who is always cheerful, who is loving and supportive, not easily frustrated, probably a bit more laid back as well, not really worrying too much about the future…

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What is the difference between ENFP-T and ENFP-A personality type

This is going to come from the “A” part, meaning you’re low in neuroticism. When you’re low in neuroticism, you’re going to be less easily frustrated or disappointed, you’re not going to be as irritable or upset, your mood will be a lot more stable and you’re going to be less anxious about jumping into new situations.

When you hear this out loud, you think, yeah, those can be definite ENFP traits, it’s interesting to look at, there’s two aspects to it and they’re quite distinct and actually, when I’ve taken this test (I get into my results in the in the playlist on ENFPs and the Big Five) when I’ve taken it, I score fairly high on volatility, which is one aspect of neuroticism, meaning our mood changes and how we act – our behavior is a little more volatile, it changes with our moods.

We’re not great with disappointment, we get easily frustrated, things like that, I hate to admit it, but I score pretty high on that, and I score very low on the other aspect of neuroticism, which is withdraw that meaning that I have very little anxiety about new situations, I jump into new things like I’ve literally left Canada moved to Costa Rica, moved to Europe, start different businesses at different times, I tend to jump into things and very comfortable doing that.

So for me neuroticism, I score moderately low, I’ve been, I think, the 33rd or so percentile, but I’m very high on volatility – low on withdrawals. So you can be an ENFP A, and I think I would score an ENFP-A personality type where you are quite high on withdrawl.

ENFP-A personality type: Frustrations and mood swings

So you don’t like new situations at all. But you’re actually pretty stable and and you don’t get that easily frustrated, or have mood swings, or vice versa, like myself as well. So something to keep in mind there.

Advice for ENFP-A personality type

ENFP-A personality type
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Now a few quick pieces of advice if you are an ENFP-A personality type. The first is that if you are low in withdrawal low in neuroticism, you’re going to like to jump into new situations, you’re not really worried about them, you’re not thinking about them very much. Now, as you get older and wiser, this is a great trait.

I’m a little bit older and a little bit wiser now. And I think it really helps me take action quickly with very little fear or anxiety. But when I was younger, like I did some dumb stuff, I almost became what sort of did become a stolen laptop dealer without even knowing it, because I was so naive that I just like trusted people.

I was like, Oh, yeah, you just found this laptop on the street? Sure, I’ll sell it. I’m not even kidding, right. So when we are young, and we don’t have any withdrawal, that means we have no fear of the unknown and a little bit of fear of the unknown is probably healthy, at least until we develop the wisdom and the ability to quickly assess situations which happens from jumping into situation because you are ENFP-A personality type you jump into a situation and you screw up and then you learn and you develop some of that wisdom.

That was my case, it was like keep jumping in screwing things up. And then you learn right. So that’s definitely one thing to be aware of. Now if you want to dive more into the ENFP-A personality type and my advice for the type, I’ll include links to some of my best videos to start on about ENFP advice.

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