OCT18 Financial advice for creative INFPs 2 without text min

INFPs, Creativity, and Financial Freedom

If you’re an INFP entrepreneur or are involved in the creative fields like writing, drawing or any kind of artistic endeavour, I have some non-cliche money advice for you to help you keep your freedom.

my 1 travel secret blog without text

How I Travel For FREE (Well, almost!)

Whether you’re a digital nomad, location independent entrepreneur or just like frequent travelling, with the cheap travel tip I share in this video you will discover how to travel the world with almost no money!

How Im Setting Goals and Limiting Prague Event2blog without text

How I’m Setting Goals and Why I Limited The Prague Event

If you want to set your goals right either to grow your business or to succeed in any area of your life, should you pressure yourself to just deliver MORE or rather focus on value and quality only?

Beachy BG Fun

The Free Freelancer Exclusive Podcast

If you work for yourself as a Freelancer, Coach, or Consultant, or have thought about taking the leap, then in this podcast I’d like to invite you to consider The Free Freelancer.

04 Human Elements of Running A Digital Nomad Business

Digital Nomad Business – Freelancing Success Secret

If you want to be a successful freelancer, keep in mind that human contact is huge in the business world, even if you’re in a ‘digital’ nomad’s world. Start connecting with people in your own city and then start traveling and working abroad.

07 Conquer The Fear Of Failure

Conquer the Fear of Failure

Here’s why you shouldn’t let the fear of failure hold you back. You will learn which benefits you’ll gain from even if you fail. So go out there and fail, take action and learn. In a year from now, you will be much better than you started in spite of the failure.

Escape The English Teacher Trap & Become A Digital Nomad

Escape The English Teacher Trap & Become a Digital Nomad

Teaching English can be a great way to start travelling and living abroad but isn’t exactly a great end destination in terms of income or freedom. In this video, I’ll share one way to transition from being an English teacher to becoming a digital nomad. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to help.