Welcome to Dreams Around The World: Why We Want To Be Part of Your Life

At Dreams Around The World we believe that life is about the memories we create, the stories we share, the people we touch and the person we become in the process.

We believe every minute of your free time has value, and should be valued.

Vacations are mandatory.

Overtime is not.

We believe $5,000 earned with the freedom to travel is more valuable than $10,000 earned while chained to one location.

We also believe, if you’re willing to do things differently, you can have the freedom to travel and still earn the $10,000.

We believe most unhappiness and depression stem from flat-lined lives we are not designed to live.

The cure isn’t a pill; it’s a life re-design.

Dreams Around The World is here to help you successfully navigate life’s big turning points. Big moves like:

  • Answering the question: “What should I do with my life?”
  • Quitting a job, or business, you hate (and having a plan for what to do next)
  • Starting your own location independent business
  • Moving and living abroad
  • Mobilizing your business and travelling the World (while earning a full-time income)

This is the greatest time in history to be alive. We now have more opportunities for happiness, growth, and success than ever before.

Despite the new opportunities, or perhaps because of them, this new frontier presents a unique set of challenges our parents and schools weren’t able to prepare us for. We’ve inherited outdated beliefs from the generations before us, relics of the industrial revolution and great depression…a time when not having a stable job actually could mean starving to death.

“Grandma, there must have been some confusion. I wanted your recipe for cookies, not life.”

Despite these challenges, we believe with the right technology, knowledge and mindset, we really can “have it all”. This means being paid well for work you love, having control of the hours you work, travelling full time, growing your income, and most important of all, growing yourself.

The articles, interviews and training you will find here are built upon our 3 mantras:

  1. Avoid The Tourists: Pursue Your Own Path
  2. No Regrets, Just Go For It
  3. Never Settle

If you agree with our take on the world, I’d like to invite you to be a regular reader. You’ll benefit from tips, how-to articles, expert interviews, and inspiring stories on topics like travel, psychology, entrepreneurship and lifestyle design.

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Never Settle,
Dan Johnston
Founder, Dreams Around The World

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    1. It is and there are lots of people doing it.

      Schooling of course can be complicated, but there are lots of options such as doing 1 year in each country or home schooling.

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