Why Some People Have Low Confidence and Poor Self Esteem

by Dan Johnston

Why Some People Have Low Confidence and Poor Self Esteem

“Confidence has a huge role in our happiness and our success. Stop comparing your insides to other people’s outsides.”

If you’ve ever felt jealous, envious, or just like crap, then you have experienced this phenomenon that plagues our modern world.

If you stop doing this kind of things, then you will feel and be better. This video could literally change your life!

Stop comparing yourself to others! Just stop it! People tend to put on their best face in public, but hide their problems. The truth is that others are often more messed up than you and use deception to hide that fact.

If all of you take this to heart then your confidence will rise and you can unashamedly become your true, authentic self and do what you really enjoy.

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