Sorry Mr or Mrs ENFP…I Got News For You

by Dan Johnston

Sorry Mr or Mrs ENFP…I Got News For You

“The world doesn’t care how you feel or what you think – it cares about what you do.”

Don’t Get Offended

This is one of those videos I wish someone else made for me 15 years ago.

It may be a little hard to hear, but I guarantee you’ll be happy you watched it.

If you’re an ENFP (or INFPs, you’ll relate too), you’ve done this.

Does this ENFP mistake make you a flake?

You wanted to respond to an email, you read it, started thinking…and then a week went by.

Now it’s too late to reply, right?

So you need to explain yourself…so you procrastinate more…the thought eats up your mental energy…and the whole thing makes you look like a flake.

People judge you by your actions…and so should you.

Switch how you think about yourself and you’ll be more and more impressed with what you’re able to pull off.

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