How To Make a Big Change as an ENFP

How To Make a Big Change as an ENFP

“Whatever that big change you’re thinking of making, do it NOW.”

You Got This!

If you’re an ENFP like me, you KNOW change is exciting, yet the process of making it happen can be terrifying…especially if it involves quitting, breakups, or what we think will upset people.

Us ENFPs love change and variety…but at the same time we might get stuck in a situation where our tough decision is looong overdue.

So how do you make a BIG change as an ENFP?

Fear makes us avoid big things we know we need to do, whether that is moving abroad, ending a relationship or starting a business.

Making a change and taking a risk IS scary for ENFP personality, but is also inevitable.

The longer we stay in a situation that calls for a BIG change, the harder it is.

Before you waste more time hesitating and postponing an important decision and change, make sure to hear the advice in the video above.

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