ENFP and INTJ Relationship Compatibility in 5 minutes

Almost everything you need to know about ENFP and INTJ relationship compatibility in five minutes or less.

ENFP and INTJ Relationship Compatibility

You do want to deep dive into this, including a lot of examples from my own relationship and a more extensive look, I do have an extended version of this as well, I’ll include a card at the end of the video.

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So the first thing you need to ask yourself as an ENFP is what’s important for you in a relationship? Is it function, are you looking at the same type of compatibility as you would for a business partner, such as complementary functions and overlapping, but again, complementary ways of working?

If that’s the case, the first type I would look at is an INTJ personality type. INTJs are acknowledged as one of the most compatible types with ENFPs, we have very complementary functions.

So we’re both able to think big and take risks and start and initiate projects. But ENFPs, we come up with a lot of ideas, and a very quick on our feet and INTJ personality type tends to be better at creating systems and implementing and organizing.

ENFP and INTJ – Together we can seriously be a power couple.

ENFP and INTJ relationship compatibility are a power couple in bed? Could be as well, it really depends on your chemistry as well. But INTJs and ENFPs definitely have the potential to be compatible both in the board room and the bedroom. In general, if you’re thinking of compatibility, It’s often said to match a J with a P, so we are in ENFPs matches with the J. J’s tend to be more structured and more organized.

So let’s say we’re not so great at cleaning things up and structuring things. J’s tend to be better at that and so generally that can be quite complementary, especially if you’re thinking of a long-term relationship, where you need a little more structure and stability to make things work.

Now, what if you’re more concerned with life satisfaction and your general happiness than you are with the ability of your power couples to be as productive and efficient as possible?

Well, One study found that idealists which are ENFPs, ENFJs, INPFs and INFJ’s with another idealist have the highest marriage satisfaction, I believe the number was 73%, which is higher than any other match there. So if you’re more concerned with someone who really understands you, who you’re naturally compatible with, there’s not going to be a lot of fighting and disagreement, compared to perhaps with another type, then look at other idealist types. This means that you could be very compatible with an ENFP and an INFP.

ENFP and INTJ relationship compatibility
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Although in the other extended video, I’ll link to at the end here, I’ll share why personally, I would not go down this road, you could be compatible – an ENFP and an ENFJ, and ENFP and an INFJ, or an INFP. You could make it work again, depending on the person and the type of relationship you want. That’s what is ultimately important.

One thing to keep in mind when researching topics on “ENFP and INTJ relationship compatibility” – there are, of course, other types you could be compatible with. The big thing to always ask yourself is what is type of relationship you want? What is the goal of the relationship? And ultimately, how good of shag is the person? I mean, how much incompatibility are you willing to put up within the boardroom in the kitchen, if things are great upstairs, that is ultimately up to you.

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