Careers To Avoid in 2020

“With AI and other aspects of automation, these careers may not be that lucrative or even possibly exist in a decade or two from now.”

Will Robots Steal Our Jobs?!

There’s no avoiding it, artificial intelligence, robots, and automation are coming and they’re going to “steal” a lot of jobs.

Think twice racking up serious debt at college or sinking your savings into your business…these career and businesses I discuss are on their way out.

The careers discussed here are going to either disappear or could become highly competitive as jobs dry up…so think twice before making a big time and money investment.

In the video above I discuss the rise of AI (artificial intelligence) and what it means to the future of many professions, including some you may assume are future proof.

Careers you may want to avoid because of AI include medicine (doctors and technicians), law (lawyers, legal assistant), transcribing and transcription, translation, and of course, accounting.

If you’re wondering if you should become a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, you may want to watch the video above first.

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