Better Beliefs For ENFPs and Other Idealists

“Your beliefs will ultimately shape your life.”

Is That Really True?!

Is it better to be right or to be happy?

Is it better to be objective…or to be rich?

Let’s explore some empowering beliefs ENFPs and other Idealist types can adopt to increase the chances of reaching your goals and creating the life you want.

We’re living in a time where a lot of people hate on “the 1%” and a lot of people like Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris calling our attention to inaccurate beliefs or even just the idea of how we define truth.

I hate evil bankers as much as the next ENFP but what effect does a belief like “you get rich by stealing and cheating” have on your own life…and your own chance of succeeding as a freelancer or entrepreneur?

As I said above, this video is for all the Idealist types including INFPs, INFJs, and ENFJs in addition to my ENFP people. 🙂

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