Are You An ADDICT? Smartphones, Social Media, CRACK?!

“You will never get the things that matter in life if you spend all your time on the little time-consuming addictions.”

Escapism Leads to Addiction

Has your ESCAPISM led you down a path to ADDICTION?

Do you find yourself walking the streets begging for money so you can add more data to your phone plan?

Let’s get you into treatment!

Addictions & How to Deal with It

Addiction comes in many forms. It’s not always about vices. We can be addicted to simple things like using smartphones, checking Facebook, playing video games, eating junk food, and the like.

We get fixated on trivial stuff that only gives us INSTANT GRATIFICATION, with complete disregard for matters that are TRULY SIGNIFICANT.

You will never get the things that matter in life – like a good business, great relationships, or the freedom to travel –  if you spend all your time on the little time-consuming addictions.

So how can you deal with these time-stealing, soul-draining, goal-crushing addictions? Here’s how:

Break away from the bad habits by reducing the time you spend on each activity.

Detox on your smartphone. Do not use it at all and then work in gradual periods, like leaving it off every morning until lunch. With your phone, you can go back to it once you’re not dependent on it for your life

Deactivate your social media account for a while. Block it for a week.

Get rid of that addiction abruptly, then free yourself and make a real effort to find more fulfilling things to pursue. Perhaps nurture better relationships, go traveling, or start your own business.

Do something you’re really excited about! You’re going to start to break your bad habits if you do more meaningful things.

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