How To Thrive With ADHD (ADD) and Be Your Best

Eliminate the negative ADHD symptoms while retaining your ADHD superpowers!

Living with ADHD?

Forget about “living with”…why not use this supercharged brain to your advantage and THRIVE? Using the advice in this video, you may be able to reduce or eliminate the negative ADHD symptoms while retaining your ADHD superpowers.

In the video I discuss various ways to treat ADHD including diet, exercise, social methods and medication…plus more. This is based on a great book called Delivered From Distraction https://amzn.to/2uLhwR4 as well as my own personal experience.

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Want To Go Even Deeper?

I offer a free 9-part email course on The Life Design Approach. This is the philosophy that has helped me publish 11 books, live in 6 countries, and become 100% location independent while doing work I love. The Life Design Approach

If you prefer listening, here’s the podcast edition of the video:

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