by Dan Johnston

Why You Must Learn To Be Decisive – ENFP & INFP Tip

“Generally, people like decisive people. Making decisions is attractive. Trusting in yourself to make good decisions will ultimately allow you to make good decisions.”

What Would It Take To Decide To Be Decisive?

If you’ve ever seen a person using a calculator to sum 15 + 19 or use Google Maps to find a restaurant round the corner…you’ve seen someone BEGGING their brain to atrophy.

Same goes for making decisions.

Pros and cons lists are fine, but trusting yourself to make good decisions will ultimately allow you to make good decisions.

As a 16 year old ENFP I was the furthest thing from decisive. If by some miracle I had a date, the dialogue usually involved 15 too many “I dunno… what do you want to do?”s. Watch the video above for the advice that is important for men, women, ENFPs, INFPs, entrepreneurs, and, well, anyone who isn’t already decisive!

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