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If you've read about my life and thought "Damn, it seems like this guy is always travelling and never working. That's the kind of lifestyle I want!"

Then please stop reading. This isn't for you.

Seriously, bugger off. I don't work with people looking for the easy way because you're never going to find it. You'll just keep believing lie after lie and buying product after product promising the good life.

Now, if on the other hand, you've read about my lifestyle and thought "Damn, this guy has created his dream life. He does work he enjoys and has total freedom to spend his time however he chooses...that is the kind of life I want. I'm willing to work my ass off, sacrifice, and do whatever it takes to get there..."

Then keep reading, this page is exactly what you've been looking for because I busted my ass to get where I am and so will you.

"As we've all (hopefully) learnt from the marsh-mellow study, those who are willing to sacrifice in the short term are the most likely to reap all the rewards in the long term."

But as we’ve all (hopefully) learnt from the Marshmellow study, those who are willing to sacrifice in the short term are the most likely to reep all the rewards in the long term.

You can work 60 hours a week for a few years and then work 20 for the rest of your life, or you can work 40 hours a week forever.

Or in my case, work like a madman for a few months, then spend a month on vacation.

So yes, I spent many, many, Friday and Saturday nights working at 24 hour coffee shops…

Yes, I kept going after my goals even when finances got so tight I paid for a $40 long distance calling plan in quarters and nickels (I needed it for an important call)…

Yes, I probably aged myself a few extra years Obama style from all the stress…

Today I have near total freedom. I can live where I want, travel whenever I want, and perhaps best of all, I don’t need to use an alarm (although I do…stupid work ethic).

All this has been possible because I had a vision for my life and was willing to listen, to learn and to work hard.

Then I was willing to fail, to look stupid, and to be uncomfortable.

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“I started working with Dan in the Summer of 2015. For our first 3 months working together, I set the goal to begin my copywriting career and be earning at least 1000 euro per month.

During our coaching calls we focused on marketing, strategy and client management. Dan helped me stay focused and kept me coming back to the plan. I’m happy to say I stayed the path, and during my third month as a copywriter I am set to earn almost 2,000 euro.

If you’re looking for support beginning a career as a freelancer, I would suggest contacting Dan about coaching. You will save months, if not years, by benefiting from his experience.”

-Jon McGreal


Now Here Is The Good News

If you’re after the same, you will have to endure some of the same. You’ll need to be willing sacrifice and say no. You’ll also need to stay focused on your goal and put in your hours.

But it should be easier for you.

I screwed up.

I mean, a lot. I was very much a try and fail, try and fail kind of guy.

If I were to do it again, I could probably do things a lot faster and with a little less pain.

If only I could go back in time and hire a future version of myself as my coach….

Someone who had already been where I wanted to go, and could point out the mistakes I was making and help guide me to the best path…

Someone who could instil me with the confidence that I will succeed, fuel me, and keep me going…

Someone who could share resources and insights it would otherwise take me years to discover myself…

Wow that would be amazing!

Oh wait, that’s exactly what you can do!

You can hire me to be your time travelling cyborg future self!

I mean, as your life design and business coach.

Oh man, you are so lucky.

You should definitely request a free consultation and see if we’re a right fit for coaching.

Damn, I’m jealous of you.

Dan Johnston
Current Location: Prague

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“I first contacted Dan about his coaching services after reading a book of his. When I contacted him, my main goal was to start my own business.

During our first call we laid out clear, tangible outcomes related to my goal. I’m happy to report that I achieved my initial six-month goal within 10 weeks of our first call and am now actively working and earning income with my own business.

The thing with Dan is that he hears what you say, knows what you really mean, and can tell you what to do with it so that you get where you want to be at a fraction of the time you would if you were working with another leader. He does this through removing barriers and helping you develop the right mindset as well as practical strategies for getting new clients and marketing, and then taking care of those clients once you have them.

If you’re in the early stages of a new business, I highly recommend hiring Dan as your coach.”

-Krista Simurdak


Erin Lee

“I started I had been thinking about starting a Wellness Coaching business but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I was totally overwhelmed with everything I wanted to have in order before I started. Late one night I came across an article on Dreams Around The World about just going for it and something about Dan’s story really spoke to me.

I was inspired. I told my fears to screw off. I jumped right in and launched my Wellness Coaching Program and contacted Dan for advice. All I can say is I’m so happy I just went for it! Using Dan’s “3 New Clients In One Week” strategy I actually had 4 paying clients within one week of announcing my business, all without spending a penny. Now I’ve filled up the first round of my 12 week wellness program and I’m already building a waiting list for the next one!” 


Mike Carels

“I run a consulting company and I was hesitant about travelling. I knew people were doing it, but I didn’t think it would work for my business. Dan kept pushing me and pushing me to pull the trigger and just do it!

I’m happy to report I spent most of this winter in Central and South American absolutely loving life and my business ran as smooth as ever. I’m never going back to 8 months of rain!”


Terry Gachoka

“Hey Dan,

I didn’t know what to expect of our session yesterday – being new to coaching and all that.
Thanks for sharing so much with me – your patience, insightful questions, non-judgmentalness (is there such a word?), your stories and experiences, your easy nature…I could go on and on.

*You are a generous soul*

I really like ( actually love) you being my coach and I’m thankful that we are working together.”

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“I met Dan through a friend whom I met years ago who is also a local entrepreneur. She asked if I would allow him to interview me for a referral he was writing for her website. I was very impressed with him, his professionalism and in depth questions and began inquiring about his coaching services for myself. I had many years experience running a retail store but was embarking on focusing my business exclusively online while I raise my family. I was REALLY daunted by the process of rebuilding my business in a new direction.

I began working with Dan just over a year ago. Your first coaching session is a planning session where you layout your goals and set the framework for your future coaching sessions. He must take very detailed notes because he would often refer back to goals I mentioned in this first session months later….long after I had forgotten about some of them! I LOVED how focused and organized he is on YOUR goals and needs, far more organized than I could remain while dealing with the everyday details of running my business.

I felt the same as you, hiring a coach was a big monetary investment for me and I wanted to squeeze as much benefit out of each session as possible too. Again, I was very impressed with how focused he would always be from the start of each session, keeping me on track of the goals I set out in the beginning. He guides you through, checking in with you often during the session to make sure it is accomplishing what you set out to tackle that week.

I worked with Dan on a weekly basis for 8 months and took the summer off as I am an artist and attend a lot of shows and fairs with my work these months. I intend to continue working with Dan in the future, especially to plan my next Christmas season of sales. With his help I doubled my sales last season!

How did he help me with my business….what I liked best about Dan was the blending of business advice as well as the personal psychology side as well. Most of what I was struggling with in my business was my own self confidence in my work, reluctance to approach galleries and feel like I was being “pushy” with clients. I recall working at a show and hearing his voice in my head to ” tell your story” to my clients. It encouraged me to engage with my customers on a more personal level and the connections resulted in greater sales. He kept me motivated, focused and I learned a lot about the psychology of why people buy and why they don’t.

His strengths- I liked that his strengths are broad, both in the technical aspects of online sales, building websites, copywriting, the businessy stuff but then he is also well trained in reading your mood, motivation levels and addresses the personal aspects of being an entrepreneur. It’s scary and FUN!

Anything else to keep in mind- Never hesitate to ask any question, express concern or redirecting a session if you need to. It’s strange to have spent so much time with him, yet never met him in person. He became a friend, one who gives you his undivided attention for the hour and sometimes more focused and determined to achieve your goals than you are! He is genuine and wants you to succeed as much as you do.

Some advice on entrepreneurship: make sure your business is your “life’s work”. Something you’d choose to be doing even if you didn’t have to earn a living at it. I feel that way about my work and I definitely think that coaching is Dan’s “life’s work”. He’s really good at it, it feels as if he’s naturally giving what he has to give and isn’t just trying to make a buck.cindy

Best of luck to you in your business venture,
Cindy Johnston”


If you’d like to know more about coaching, I encourage you to send me a message.  

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