You Must Believe!

Where I Put My Faith and How To Keep Going

Sometimes it feels like your brain goes to mush. Other times it feels like you’ve become a hyperactive news addicted hamster…How to keep going in times of absolute chaos?

Why You Feel Fearful and Anxious and How To Stop It

We’ve all felt fear and anxiety at some points, especially at stressful times…You may also feel worried even if everything seems OK. Have you ever wondered WHY? 

Imposter Syndrome When Starting Your Business

I’m answering a question about defeating imposter syndrome when you’re starting your first business or doing anything else new and scary.

Has Anything Bad Ever Happened To Me?

When things are not going so great, we can fall into the trap of making excuses, blaming our parents and childhood for our failures, and picking at the pieces of the past.

What To Do If Your Life Sucks

You feel stuck. You feel trapped. You have zero motivation and you don’t see how you can make a change and get out of that slump. Today I’m answering the question: What to do if your life simply SUCKS? 

Why ENFPs and INFPs Must Embrace Their Personalities and How It Pays

If you still listen to your grandma’s advice about how life, career and success should look like, time to stop – creative personalities, like ENFP or INFP, have a bunch of opportunities nowadays to be extremely successful!

How To Be More Confident – 3 Proven Strategies

Having more confidence opens doors in so many areas of life on top of just feeling better and being able to take action and make more happen. However, these days your confidence is being attacked on all sides by everything from Fast Food to Facebook. Well dear reader, I will give you the tools to fight back!

NEVER Let Fear Get In Your Way

Have you ever heard the expression “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”? Here’s why you should NEVER let fear get in your way!

The Empath’s Confidence Dilemma – ENFP, INFP and INFJ Catch 22

If you’re an empath, most likely ENFP, INFP, or INFJ, and consider yourself confident or at least you’re working on being more confident and liking yourself, how do you handle being judged for believing in yourself and maybe even misjudged for being arrogant?

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