Facing Fear and Making Change

Where I Put My Faith and How To Keep Going

Sometimes it feels like your brain goes to mush. Other times it feels like you’ve become a hyperactive news addicted hamster…How to keep going in times of absolute chaos?

Knowing When To Walk Away

The Sunk Cost Fallacy: Knowing When To Walk Away

Coming off some recent entrepreneurial and investment lessons, I’m sharing some ideas for making tough decisions and overcoming cognitive biases such as the sunk cost fallacy.

Getting Over a Bad Breakup, Job, or Partnership

How To Get Over a Bad Breakup and Let Go of The Resentment

How dare they do this to me?! When someone didn’t treat you the way you deserve, how do you pick yourself up, move on from the resentment, and keep going forward as your best self?

What To Do If You’re Feeling Down

This post is for you if you’re, let’s just say, sometimes an as*hole to yourself. This one is for all my Idealist Brothers and Sisters, that is you ENFPs, INFPs, ENFJs, and INFJs.

Why You Feel Fearful and Anxious and How To Stop It

We’ve all felt fear and anxiety at some points, especially at stressful times…You may also feel worried even if everything seems OK. Have you ever wondered WHY? 

How To Make A Big Life Change

Whether quitting a job, ending a relationship, starting a business or moving abroad…Making a big change can be terrifying, but you can do it.

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