Can You Be “Less of” an INFP?

Can You Be “Less of” an INFP?

“We are so much more nuanced than our MBTI type.”

Are You Truly an Authentic INFP?

Are you FAILING your MBTI Type?!

An INFP sent in a question about this topic and I’d like to share my own story that relates to personality psychology (mis)understandings.

There are a lot of extremes when it comes to understanding 16 personalities.

If you’re an idealist personality type, especially an INFP or ENFP, your environment might be affecting you more than other types, so you may end up not recognizing yourself in most of your personality type descriptions.

So are you a true authentic INFP or ENFP or not?!

Full question:

“Hey Dan, apparently INFPs are optimistic about dreams and love and believe in happy endings, but none of these are true for me.

For some reason, as a 16-year-old, I’m too afraid to allow myself to dream about being happy in the future, and I don’t really believe in love (for myself) even though I’ve never been heartbroken before.

Does that make me a bit ‘less’ INFP?”

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