ENFP Job Interview Advice (And Career Tips)

“It’s easy for ENFPs to talk themselves into a job they probably don’t even really want.”

Don’t Ever Do This!

Here’s my best ENFP job interview tips to help you avoid the wrong career or getting trapped in a job you hate.

ENFPs love learning, challenges and newness – all the things that come with a new job.

In the video above I want to offer some job interview tips as well as answer the question:

Should you lie in a job interview? (Everyone does right?!)

As an ENFP there are things you do exceptionally well and others that you’re really bad at.

But there are some things you are good at, hate doing BUT if you force yourself – you get them DONE!

This can be a dangerous combination with our ENFP charm and ability to tell people what they want to hear…especially if that person is your potential new boss.

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