Think Like a Champion

What Holds ENFPs and INFPs Back

If you’re an ENFP or INFP and something doesn’t go your way, well…things might just go downhill from there. Don’t worry, I got you! 

My Secret For Continuous Growth

Your perception of age will affect how you think about your life overall and can change your plans in a way that doesn’t allow you to live up to your full potential.

The Easiest Way To Change Your Attitude and Emotions

When I was younger, and don’t ask me how this was possible being an ENFP, I had (what I thought was) a highly analytical view of the world, all logic. Boy, was I wrong!

Has Anything Bad Ever Happened To Me?

When things are not going so great, we can fall into the trap of making excuses, blaming our parents and childhood for our failures, and picking at the pieces of the past.

What To Do If Your Life Sucks

You feel stuck. You feel trapped. You have zero motivation and you don’t see how you can make a change and get out of that slump. Today I’m answering the question: What to do if your life simply SUCKS? 

5 Ways Lying Kills Your Dreams

Words have power and if you make your word mean something and try to speak radical truth, you will find your life gets a lot easier.

The Reality of Good and Bad Luck

I’m sure you know someone who is always having bad things happen to them. They can’t wait to tell you about their bad luck…well…here’s what is REALLY happening!

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