Can I Make Money As a Psychology College Major?

by Dan Johnston

Can I Make Money As a Psychology College Major?

“If you become good at something, it’s not that hard to become one of the BEST because most people DON’T.

Studying Psychology – Will It Actually Pay Off?

Should you base your decision of what you’re going to STUDY on how you’re going to make MONEY? Is psychology college major a viable INFP career choice?

If you’re thinking that psychology might be a good INFP university major but are afraid you’re going to end up PENNILESS…or you’re just an INFP forced to decide on your college major NOW, the video above is for you, dear INFP!

Have a look for some helpful advice on INFP major and INFP jobs to avoid wasting your life in suffering, doing what you don’t like.

This video is equally valuable if you are an ENFP and wondering about the right college major for ENFPs. Many of us ENFPs are very interested in psychology…so it makes sense to consider studying this.

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