The Storm in Valencia

The Biggest Lie You’ve Ever Been Told About Life


I was just about to head out to the beach here in Valencia when I saw an email response from one of my subscribers.

He’s an 18-year-old ENFP and he wrote about how difficult life was going for him. At this age he is still trying to figure some things out for him and overall feels that life is very hard.

After finding out he’s the ENFP personality type, he’s been learning about himself and trying to improve, but is having these struggles of not being able to figure out life, feeling overwhelmed and trapped.

When people tell you youth is the best time of your life, and you’re struggling in your teens and 20s and trying to make the sense of it all, I imagine how frustrated that can make you feel.

Is this really…all there is to it?!

As an older ENFP myself, inspired by his question and a raging storm here in Valencia, I wanted to give him some ENFP life advice on this turbulent teen time, as well as provide a different perspective on the stormy times in our lives.

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Storm in Valencia: Before and After


You will come out on the other side of the storm. And honestly, you appreciate the sunshine a lot more when you’ve been through that storm.

If you liked this topic, related to this episode is the previous one which I recorded 3 weeks after arriving in Spain. Back to my digital nomad ways, I’ve had some interesting encounters here and a few important insights about personality types and cultures.

How much does our culture influence our personality – and vice versa? Do we have a say?!

If you’re an idealist personality (ENFP, INFP, INFJ, and ENFJ), you may feel a bit out of place in the culture you grew up in. Check out this episode below:

Finally, if you’re a young ambitious idealist at the start of your career and you’re wondering:

What’s the best way to decide what to do? Where to work or what to study so one day you’ll be doing what you really want?

This recent podcast special below is all for you!




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