Our Company

I’m Dan Johnston, the Founder of Dreams Around The World and the guy you’ve seen in all the YouTube videos.

This page is here to tell you a bit more about my company and larger mission. From now on I’ll use “our” or “we” instead of I because we really are a team working towards are mission together.

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Our Company - Dreams Around The World

Creating: Love, Lives, Laughter, Action and Adventure

We do this via high end, life changing, events, programs and coaching for people who will make the world a better place.

What Makes Us Different?

We live what we teach and can demonstrate results: We lead from direct experience and firsthand knowledge.

Humorous and engaging training and an inspiring community of amazing people you’d love to take a road trip with.

Personality-focused training and coaching, with a deep understanding of you, how you function, and what you need.

About The Team

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Dan - ENFP

Turns Ideas Into Action

My job is to listen, think, speak, and write: Ultimately, to do whatever I can to empower you to become the best version of yourself while creating an awesome life for you and those you love. You can read details of my bio and credentials on our about page.

Favourite Quote

But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.

Sanja - ISTJ

Keeps Our House In Order

When you become a client you’ll get to know Sanja. She keeps our trains running on time, ensures we finish what we start, and plays a key role in keeping the team organized, motivated, and working smoothly.

Favourite Quote

Your happiness is your own responsibility.

Sanja Team Page

Petar - ENFJ

He Makes Things Online

Petar loves everything new and technical, and is always on the lookout for trending designs. He helps keeping our community engaged and Instagram up-to-date.

He’s working on keeping the ENFP Unleashed members happy, and is the go-to guy for social media inquires.

Favourite Quote

Do or do not. There is no try.

Gabby - ENFJ

She Makes Things Beautiful

Gabby is unable to spend significant time anywhere without making it more beautiful. Fortunately for us, she does this here with our videos and visuals. Heck, she even attempts to make me more beautiful.

Gabby graduated from Umprum, one of Europe’s top Art Universities. Her program only accepts 5 people each year.

Favourite Quote

It's better to burn out than to fade away.

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Our Company Values

Be Human

No chat bots or corporate speak here. We express our personalities and care about our clients.

Ride or Die

I once took a girlfriend to Fast and Furious and prepared her with “Do not watch these movies for plot or a physics lesson…It is about loyalty, family, and doing whatever you must do.

We are a business, but we’re also a family and share a special connection within our team and with our clients.

Slow is Smooth, and Smooth is Fast

We’re playing the long game with everything we do. We over deliver, build assets, and generate long term value. We don’t chase fads, easy cash, or short term opportunities.

Run Your Race

Being open and honest about what you can, and can’t, or at least shouldn’t, do. Embrace and appreciate your strengths and apply them to your work frequently.

This openness helps us build a team where everyone does what they do best and can enjoy the ride.

Elevate Yourself and Strive To Be Better

We are constantly learning, growing, and taking on challenges. Our team loves a challenge, craves growth, and relishes in creating something special.

We are self-motivated, keen to learn and develop, and responsible for our own actions and results.

Do The Right Thing.

We believe in people and want them to do better. If something feels wrong, it probably is, and we aren’t going to do it.

High Standards and a Deep Sense of Personal Responsibility

We strive to deliver above and beyond client expectations in everything we do. We’re never satisfied with the quality of our training and push ourselves to continually improve. We each have a sense of personal responsibility to each other and our clients.

We Are Hiring Now

If you connect with our values, want improve yourself and create an awesome life, then perhaps you should become a client. Read more about coaching services or write us here.