It's just four words.

Finding the clarity and courage to make them count. 

You’ve uttered them thousands of times.

You’ve said these words when a friend asks for a favour…

You’ve thought them when witnessing a wrong…

You’ve said these words when you’ve woken up on Tuesday morning in the comfort of your bed…

Perhaps you’ve even said them waking up on Sunday morning in a bed you didn’t recognize…

And you’ve certainly said these words when contemplating life’s big pieces:

  • School
  • Work
  • Purpose and Passion
  • Adventure
  • Love
  • Happiness

Whether you’re deciding on a major, a first career, or a third career, it always comes back to this question: What should I do?

Knowledge, Clarity, and Courage.

I’ve been helping people answer this question for as long as I can remember and it always comes back to these 3 elements.

To make a wise decision you must know yourself (self knowledge), know the opportunities available (general knowledge), and know the details of your future focus (specific knowledge).

It may sound ridiculous, but many people decide to be a lawyer, psychologist, or architect without, well, actually ever even speaking to a lawyer, psychologist, or architect.

I’ll admit it, I decided to major in Psychology without ever meeting a Psychologist, let alone spending a few hours asking one about the reality of life in his or her profession.

So that’s where specific knowledge comes in…now let’s work backwards to general knowledge.

We all know the common professions: Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Teachers, Truck Drivers, Accountants and the rest…

But how many people in their late teens know what an arbitrator, team building consultant, or chief happiness office does, or even is?

This is where general knowledge comes into play. If you want to make the absolute best decision for what you should do, it helps to have a general knowledge of all the opportunities available to you.

Now we’re back to self knowledge. Take every opportunity you can to get to know yourself better. Some ways to grow your self knowledge are:

  • Going for it (success and failure teaches us)
  • Asking friends and family
  • Reflection and time alone
  • Psychedelics and guided experiences
  • Personality tests
  • Journaling and other exercises
  • Psychologists, Therapists, and Coaches
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Thanks to Dan, I was finally able to find a job that I feel excited to go to every morning, and as a result, do well while having fun. 

This is coming from someone who has literally no patience for things I don’t like to do: I switched jobs 6 times in less than a year and was starting to feel desperate. Dan showed me that I don’t have to settle. I’ve been enjoying my professional and personal life, and I’m in a period of gaining skills and expertise so I can start my own thing soon. I’m getting so much positive feedback at different levels, including work and it’s making me value my competencies and self-image.



Works at United Nations

What's Possible

If you're anything like me, you've come to realize that you may want a different life than most of the people you know. You may want a career that is both flexible and fulfilling, to pursue the arts, or to start your own business.

Since as long as I can remember I have been helping people figure out what they want to do, find creative ways to do it, and summon the courage to make it happen.

Having worked with 100s of people, and having taught 10,000s, I know, without a doubt, that it is possible for you to

  • Find work or create a business aligned with your unique personality, past, and passions. 
  • Design your life with the freedom to do all the things you love.
  • Overcome any fear or doubt and follow your own path. 

I’ve designed this program to help you do just that.

Imagine the difference when you feel aligned and totally clear on what you want to do with your life and the next steps to make it happen. Then...imagine how incredible it's going to feel when you do just that, make it happen. 


Life Design in Action

Life Design in Action Modules


Setting Yourself Up For Success

  • Welcome To Life Design In Action
  • Life Design In Action - Guidebook
  • Watch This First : From 70% To 100 Years
  • What's Up With Personality Types?
  • Essential Mindsets To Succeed
Life Design In Action By Dan Johnston

Why We Do What We Do

  • The Writing's On The Wall: Our Perspectives
  • Human Needs Psychology: Why You Do What You Do
  • What Shapes Our Behaviour
Life Design In Action By Dan Johnston Module 2

Doing Your Best Work

  • Letting Yourself Shine and Doing Your Best Work
  • How To Design Your Life Around Your Personality Type
  • Should You Work For Yourself - Risks
  • Should You Work For Yourself - Downsides
  • Should You Work For Yourself - Upsides
  • Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs
Life Design In Action By Dan Johnston Module 3

Capturing Your Vision

  • Creating Your Vision
  • Option A - If You Want To Do Everything
  • Option B - If You're Feeling Stuck
  • Vision Quest
  • 3 Concepts That Changed My Life
  • Capturing Your Vision
  • If You're Struggling To Write Your Vision

Life Design In Action By Dan Johnston Module 4

Taking Action

  • Action Time
  • Ways We Can Work Together
Life Design In Action By Dan Johnston Module 5

Opportunity Cost...and Real Costs

It's tough to put a price on clarity. Depending on where you live, choosing the wrong University Degree will cost you up to $200,000, not to mention the opportunity cost. I've read companies lose about a years salary on a bad hire, so choosing the wrong job is going to cost someone $50,000, $150,000...and of course cost you a few years of your life.


Life Design In Action One-on-One
Clarity and Courage For Your Next Step

I've designed this program from the ground up to give you the knowledge and clarity, to design your ideal life and the courage to take action and turn it into a reality. 

  • Comprehensive video training and guided process to discover your calling, your next steps, and the courage to take action
  • Detailed training workbook
  • Free updates for life
  • Intensive 90 minute coaching call, one-on-one, with personality expert and the creator of the Life Design Approach™, Dan Johnston

Receive the full program, all updates and new content for life starting from just $129.  

Client Stories and Testimonials

Confidence Coach-Kelly Parker
Kelly parker

Confidence Coach, Cambridge, UK

Having the support of the group and Dan has given me the confidence and courage to just carry on. Dan understood me and it was great to have somebody who is also an ENFP who understands why we can’t just always get things done. I’m now at the position where I’m really excited about the future and I think for the first time I have a clear goal, I know where I’m going, and I finally feel like I’m on the right path! 


Voice and Presence Coach, London, UK

It’s not just about what Dan coaches, it’s also about how he coaches. You’ll find he’s empathic, particularly in the times when you’re struggling.


Writer, Tampa, Florida

With an awesome mix of tough love, humour, empathy and Canadian kindness, Dan really helped me refocus and simplify my plan.He has made a huge impact on building my confidence, building my self-awareness, put my old unhelpful mindsets out and showing me what healthier mindsets best positioned me for long-term success.

What To Expect

*Save Yourself From*

  • Lost income from analysis paralysis
  • Wasted years at a dead end job or chasing someone else's dream
  • $10,000s of college debt for the wrong degree!

*Uncover negative influences and change your mindset*

  • What has been holding you back…without you even knowing it
  • Free yourself from fear and beliefs you've adopted or had projected on you

*Redefine who you are and what matters most to YOU*

  • Create your own definition of success
  • You’re not defined by the beliefs of family, friends, or even your past self
  • If you’ve been striving for someone else's success, you’ve been playing a losing game from the start

*Uncover hidden strengths, talents and passions*

  • Discover what you could be world class at
  • Build your income around your talents and passions

*Get Fired Up*

  • Discover the secret to your personal energy reserves and tap into more energy, more focus and more drive
  • Build your confidence and start acting like the person you’ve always wanted to be
  • Develop the courage to overcome fear and take action
  • Break out of a funk and learn how to dream big (AGAIN) and rediscover your enthusiasm for life


  • Design and live your life so you’ll never look back with regret and “what ifs”
  • Have more energy, more focus, and more enthusiasm for life
  • Become the captain of your own ship and decide on how you want to live
  • Never again feel that morning dread…work hard but because you’ve chosen to
  • Be a better, happier, version of yourself around those you love
  • Inspire friends and family and help others change

Complete Program

The complete Life Design In Action Process

  • The complete course
  • In depth workbook
  • Access and  updates for life
  • One group coaching call

Or, if you prefer, make 6 monthly payments of $25 by clicking HERE

Private Coaching

Work one-on-one with Dan Johnston

  • The complete course
  • In depth workbook
  • Access and  updates for life
  • One group coaching call
  • Intensive 90 minute one-on-one coaching session with Dan Johnston 

Or, if you prefer, make 3 monthly payments of $149 HERE


Add two additional followup coaching calls

  • Everything in the intensive package, plus two additional follow up coaching calls with Dan

Or, if you prefer, make 3 monthly payments of $249 HERE


Try me out risk free. Buy the program today and give it a try. If you start the program and aren't completely satisfied with the training or your results, just email [email protected] and we'll refund your money within 48 hours. 

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When I started University...everyone around me was in the typical rat race 9-5 mindset and they influenced me and changed my mind...until my mother got sick and I realized I need a way of supporting myself that allowed me to create value and feel like I'm contributing and growing as a person while having the flexibility to stay with the people I love. 



Marketing Consultant, Milan, Italy