INFPs, Creativity, and Financial Freedom

“When you follow your dreams, it will be utterly vital to have financial discipline.”

Keeping Your Freedom

Having financial responsibility as an INFP is really important.

The things that INFPs like to do traditionally might not pay exceptionally well.

If you’re an INFP entrepreneur or are involved in the creative fields like writing, drawing or any kind of artistic endeavour, I have some non-cliche money advice for you to help you keep your freedom.

As an INFP, you are probably artistic, very creative and more of a dreamer personality type and it is insanely important for you to develop financial discipline.

In the video above I’m sharing some tips to help you keep your freedom so that you can pursue creativity and follow your dreams.


01:38 – Being Minimalistic
03:53 – Providing More Value and Earning More
05:50 – Designing Your Life in a Way That Leverages Your Income

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