How To Be More Disciplined (From an ENFP with ADHD)

by Dan Johnston

How To Be More Disciplined (From an ENFP with ADHD)

“First thing to understand: Discipline is a muscle. We have a limited amount of it.”

For some people being disciplined is as easy as eating breakfast. Man do I hate those people. For me, being disciplined, productive, and following through on what I say I will do has not always been easy.

Heck, it isn’t even easy now.

As an ENFP, who has ADHD, this is always an area of struggle for me BUT the studies, ideas, and strategies in this video have helped me write (and finish) books, succeed in my own business, and even, from time to time, get in decent physical shape.

It is my hope that they can help you too have more discipline and use that discipline to pursue your dreams and do more of the things you love.

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