ENFP Advice – How To Succeed in Your Business or Career

by Dan Johnston

ENFP Advice – How To Succeed in Your Business or Career

“ENFPs. We like things that are novel. We like variety. We like new challenges. That first part of a project is a lot more exciting than the end part, right, the little details?

And so, what that ends up doing is, it ends up pulling us into all these different things that if we don’t have the right systems in place, the right outlook, we end up spending a lot of time starting things and never really getting a lot accomplished.”

As ENFPs we dread hearing the word “FOCUS!” but sometimes it is exactly what we need to hear. Now this video isn’t about exactly this, just forcing yourself to focus…come on, that would be stupid. But I get into my own experience as an ENFP with my own business and my various mistakes chasing “shiny objects”.

I’ve also seen this happen A LOT with my ENFP coaching clients.

Agree or disagree with the advice, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section. I know ENFPs always have something to say :)

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